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That’s right kids- just days shy of my little man turning 6 months I am super excited to be back down to my pre-first baby & pre-marriage weight!  WOOT!  And with not an ounce too little or too much, I weighed in yesterday at xxx.00 exactly!  I was both relieved and excited!  I feel great and I’m so happy that all the hard work of working out and watching what I eat for the last several months has paid off!

Wow… I’m digging the exclamation points today!  Let me show you how I really feel….

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

It has been a rocky few months, but I knew yesterday when I tried on a jean skirt from before Jason and I were even dating (i think it is still cute and in style  who cares…. IT FIT!! )that I was indeed moving in the right direction. 🙂

Overall, I am happy with where I am, however, my goal jeans are still slightly snug so I might still try to move in the negative direction cause I really really REALLY want to rock a pair of skinny jeans.  But we will see.

Here’s to lots of black beans, carrot sticks, fresh fruits and treadmill sprints!



I’ll be honest, after gaining a few lbs after we moved, I was dreading getting back on the scale again.  Not at all what I wanted to do.  However, I realized that I was solidly in a size smaller jeans so I had high hopes that the scale was at least not going up anymore.  🙂  I weighed in yesterday and much to my surprise I was able to drop those extra lbs I had gained when we first moved, but the scale also continued to go down!  I’m 2 lbs away from my goal- woo hoo!  Although I don’t think that my goal jeans are going to fit, so I might try to keep moving in that direction until they do. 🙂

I mentioned before, I eat nearly the same thing every day for breakfast and for lunch. 🙂  I don’t really mind, it keeps me full, it is healthy and it fits in the budget so it is a win-win-win in my book!

My whole wheat bean, chicken & cheese quesadilla!  I usually use black beans, but have been experimenting with other ideas.  I usually mix up the fruit and veggies that I have along side, but for the most part- that is it.  Thankfully I try to get a little more creative for dinner around here. 🙂

So… only 2 more lbs to go till my goal weight!  I’m hoping I can really focus these next few weeks and make it happen.  I did not quite hit my May 1st goal, but I think I would still be happy with the month of May. 🙂

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I really really REALLY wanted to be able to blog today and say “Gee, I have no unpacked the scale yet.”  However, much to my chagrin, it was one of the first boxes that I opened.  Apparently the Lord wants me to let you all know about how this altitude makes one gain water weight.  And I’m talking about 2.5lbs of water weight!  AAAHHHHH!

Have I mentioned how hard it is to move across the country?  No, I don’t think so since I haven’t blogged in a while.  It does not mean that there is a shortage of posts in my head- it is just a matter of finding the time to get them written in between 3 kids and 412 boxes to unpack. 🙂  I’m actually making good progress in the unpacking department.  We have all the beds assembled and closets mostly put together.  It is the odds and ends stuff that drives me nuts.

Anyway, these past 7 days have been full of to-do lists that are a mile high, eating fast food and z.e.r.o workouts.  And it showed on the scale today my friends.  I wanted to cry, but then realized it really did not surprise me.  I did find it interesting though that when I am stressed out (not just day to day, but moving across the country stress) I like to eat my way through it.  And I no longer wanted to healthy snacks.  Bring on the nuts, chocolate, ice cream and maybe a beer here and there.  But I’m still blaming it on the altitude…. water weight.  Yeah, that is it. 🙂

Oy. So I’m back on the bandwagon.  Not sure I’m going to have many workouts again this week.  I intend to take several walks with the kids and allow my lungs to adjust to the new air.  But I have resolved to watch what I’m putting in my mouth this week and hopefully my scale will be going in the right direction again!

Anybody else eat when they are stressed?  I know of one woman who DOES NOT eat when she has so much on her shoulders.  She actually loses weight… yeah that would be nice. 🙂

Excuse the quick posts around here.  We are moving this weekend and life is a little c.r.a.z.y. 🙂

I had even forgot that today was weigh in day today until last night.  Thankfully I remembered to weigh in this morning! Down 1.5 lbs!  Woot!  Only 5.5 more to go till my goal weight!

I have many ideas of content for my future weigh in posts, but for now I thought I would leave you with this lovely photo.  Just as a reminder of what we are shedding when we exercise and make good food choices!

Check out what one pound of fat looks like:

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Pretty sure I’m going to keep that image in my head for the future when I really, really REALLY do not want to get on my treadmill.  Gross.

Until next week, happy and healthy snacking to you! I’m hoping my transition from an Iowan to a Colradoan will inspire all sorts of new and exciting posts! 🙂

Pardon my tardiness by a day with this post.  Much to my chagrin….I did actually weigh in yesterday.

You see- how do I put this delicately? Um… I had a few run in with baked cheetos and pop-tarts this week and I was not looking forward to weighing in- at all.  We had our annual couple’s conference this last weekend so I bought some “fun food” for the kids (and we took pop-tarts for our breakfast as it was not provided).  However, in all my brilliance I bought the “16-pack” since it was a better deal.  I did not take into account though that I would want to eat those leftover pop-tarts this week.  On Tuesday afternoon I was just craving sugar… and nothing was going to work to distract myself.  So I ate a package of pop-tarts and my thought process was something along the lines of:

“Well, if I’m going to gain weight this week… I’d better do it with gusto”

Amazing isn’t it?  Immediately, I felt both mentally and physically awful after I ate them. It was not worth it and I do not plan to do that again.  This just encourages me even more to make sure all I’m buying at the grocery store is healthy, whole, good for me foods.  Then I know that those foods are what I will turn to when I need a snack.  If I keep junk food in the house???  Yeah, I don’t want to do that again.

So… I weighed in this week and lost another pound!  Not sure how that happened with my pop-tart and cheeto fix this week.  I attribute it to my intervals with cardio and weight training and I know that nursing my son at all hrs of the day does not hurt either. 😉  Once he starts in on real food, I’m guessing this is going to get harder.  But for now, I’m hoping I will get to my goal before then and I can re-evaluate things at that time.

This month for our clothes budget– I had an idea that I talked through with my husband.  Not sure where this all came from, but I decided that I would like to purchase (with his approval of course since we split our clothes budget between the two of us) some work out clothes.  Why you ask?  Especially since it is only my children who have seen me working out these last two months?  Well, so far in my “get fit” seasons of life I have been working out in old cut off t-shirts and my painting capri pants.  Lovely to say the least. 🙂 I reasoned that if I could look cute while working out… well, that is just one more reason to put on those work out clothes in the morning and not change out of them until I get in my burn in for the day!  And of course, I’m a frugalista- so I had to find a deal.  Check out what I scored at Walmart- the capris were each clearanced to $7 and I had found some tops for $2! Check out my uber cool (in my opinion!) and budget friendly work out clothes!

While I have not been bounding out of bed each morning to put on one of these outfits, it has helped keep me more motivated.  Especially when I was able to take back the larger size of pants for the next size down- bonus!  AND it helps that these fit my body better so I can see more of a change that I’m going through while shedding weight and building muscle.  Add to the fact that I would like to start running outside again once I get used to the altitude change in Colorado… I’d say these were a good investment!

How was your week?  Any successes?  Failures? Stories to tell to keep us all pushing towards getting healthy?

Only 7lbs left till my goal! Woot!

This is my scale that I scored 2 or 3 years ago at a garage sale for $.25.  Yes, I paid a quarter for it and I couldn’t have been more pleased with how it has worked.  In fact, I was slightly giddy but then quickly shocked this morning to see that I had lost 7.5lbs this week!

Wait.  What?

I rubbed my sleepy eyes again and did a double take.  Yep, that is what the scale said.  But I knew it was not right.

You see, yesterday the kids were weighing themselves when I was getting ready for the day.  Then, they just never left the bathroom.  Johnny was trying to walk over to me and happened to catch the corner of the scale- tipping it up and then he fell on it.  He was fine after a min or two, but I did not even think to check the scale.  With much hesitation, I stepped off the scale and then back on 3 more times and each time came up with the same “new number”- down 2lbs from last week!  Woot!  I think!  Not sure if the scale is broke or not!  Perhaps I really did have “not the greatest week ever” that I thought I did and now my scale is just off.  😦 However, I had the kids weigh in again this morning and Belle weighed in the same as she was yesterday, but Johnny was down a pound.  Not sure what that means- he was wearing flannel lined heavier jeans yesterday though. 🙂  Who knows.  Either way, a scale that is broken that tells me I’m lighter? I’ll take it! 🙂  I plan to just weigh in again next Wednesday and see what is says.  I guess I will make a plan from there as to whether or not we need to find a replacement.  However, I’m thinking I’m going to need to budget more than a $.25 this time! 🙂  Any suggestions on a good/frugalista friendly scale?

I wanted to share a few of my secrets and motivations.  Here is a look at how I updated my fridge a few weeks back:


I decided that having a yellow post-it note on my fridge (with my goal written down!) might just help remind to make wise choices when I find it is snack time.  And I must say, it was helpful the first week or two.  Now I do not even notice it- time for a different color sticky I think! 🙂

And now for the way I start my day (and have for over a year now!):

Enter my oatmeal… or rather my oatmeal on steroids. 🙂  I seriously love waking up each morning knowing that I get to eat this.  I make my oatmeal on the stovetop with milk so that right away I get some calcium for the day.  Then once the oats are almost done I add in several TBS of flax, a couple of shakes of cinnamon and a small spoonful of both honey and peanut butter.   That adds extra fiber, antioxidants, sweetness and a little protein.  While I skip my oatmeal on family breakfast days, 99% of the time I just eat this.  It tastes great and keeps me full all morning long.  When I try cereal or something else for breakfast I end up hungry and snacking as I make lunch because I just can’t make it.  Not cool.  I do realize though that not everyone can eat the same thing over and over and OVER! But I really don’t mind as I’m happy with how I feel when I eat it and I’m happy with knowing what I’m putting in my body.

So that my friends is my secret weapon for breakfast! Stay tuned for what I eat for lunch… you guessed it… pretty much the same thing every day. 😉  I do add in a little more variety though with fruits and veggies and I try to get creative with our dinners.

Only 8 lbs to go!   …. I think. 🙂



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Tell me again whose brilliant idea this was to post my “baby weight loss journey” for all to see?  Oh yes, I remember, yours truly.

I had my birthday last week and did great all day long.  I worked out, consumed great portions, healthy snacks and my very thoughtful honey even brought home a very small birthday cake so I could enjoy a piece of cake, but not have a lot of leftovers just sitting around in the house.   Did I mention that it was a chocolate cake with fudge frosting?  I love that man! 🙂

Then, on Friday afternoon we left to visit my in-laws for the weekend.  I was thinking ahead of time that I was going to try to get 2 outside walks in on Saturday and Sunday and eat a lot of fruits and veggies all weekend since I was not the one in charge of the menu.  Thankfully, my mother-in-law serves about 5 fruits and veggies with each meal so it was so nice to be able to take a small portion of the main dish and then just eat fruits and vegetables.  However, much to my delight and dismay- she made me a chocolate cheesecake for my birthday!!  Ah! What is a girl to do? I ate a piece and that night when we arrived.  It was so good! (I plan to post the recipe in the future!) And then on Saturday, she had Jason’s uncles over for dinner and had yet another dessert- caramel pecan cheeecake pie or something like that.  And let me tell you… it was fabulous!  I really do not eat many desserts that do not have mostly chocolate in them. 🙂 Hey, a girl has got to choose her calories, right?  Thankfully, when that dessert was served on Saturday at lunch AND at dinner- I choose to go with the portions I was feeding my kids. It was hard, I really wanted more, it tasted so… good.  But I stopped at 3 or 4 small bites and I was actually satisfied once I walked away from the table.  Then on Sunday, my mother-in-law served us the left over chocolate cheesecake for dessert at lunch AND sent me a piece home!


My mouth was so happy, but I just knew this week’s weigh in was going to be a disaster.  However, outside of having several desserts over the weekend I did a great job with portion control and eating a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit for snacks.

Next, we are onto my 2 outside walks while we were visiting them.  Yep, I bundled up (it was 27* with a wind chill of – something I swear!) in my capris (yes, it was 50* the day before I thought I would be ok!) and headed out.  I made it to the end of the driveway, slipped on the ice, twisting my knee and ankle and fell flat on my (not so coushioned!;) ) you know what.  O.U.C.H.  I did not know if I could even get up it hurt so bad.  But I decided to sit there for a bit and see if I could just walk it off.  Probably not the greatest idea in my book to get up and try to walk, but I just knew that I needed to get some blood pumping.  I ended up not going very far, but was glad that I had at least tried to get some exercise.  Sunday I was way to sore to go out and walk so I just skipped it.

Which brings me back to being home with my normal routine and I was really really really hoping to get some hard-core cardio in to counter all those desserts over the weekend.  Yep, pretty sure that I could not walk on the treadmill on Monday so I just did some weight training and worked my arms, back, abs and glutes.  By Tuesday I would walk on the treadmill and did some slower jogs instead of my usual sprints.  Instead I just worked on getting a good hill workout on the treadmill. Tuesday afternoon I was able to go to the chiropractor who adjusted my knee and things were feeling great today! I was able to do my sprints again- not quite the speed that I was up to last week, but I will work up to it.

As you can see, I was not looking forward to my weigh in the morning.  I think I began dreading it on Monday afternoon somewhere.  I  thought many times “I will just skip weigh-in Wednesday” this week.  But then I realized this is part of real life.  There are successes and failures, walks and runs, and veggies and desserts.  They all are a part of this journey for me.  And I told you all last week that I planned to share how this was all working so here I am.  You should count yourself lucky that I followed through with all of this and decided to share.  I wouldn’t share all of this with just anyone you know…. 🙂

It is now 4:30am this morning and I find myself feeding my son.  I was wide awake and thinking “I have to weigh in in 3 hrs” so I just decided to go for it then! 🙂  Crazy I know!  But I did get on the scale.  And let me tell you something, I went back to bed quite the happy camper!  I lost 1 lb this week!  WOOOOOT!  I have no idea how that all worked out as you can see it was a pretty rough week (or so I thought) in this whole department!  I’m just so glad that I still tried to make good choices as the week went on and did just chuck it all to the wind when things did not go as planned.  I’m super excited!  Know why? Because when I started this all again 8 weeks and 7 lbs ago, I had found these beauties on clearance for $6.50!

They really are more gold, not sure why they look silver.

I purchased them with the intent that when I reached my “first goal” (I broke my original goal up into 2 pieces so I could have a closer milestone that I could wrap my head around – aka – 7lbs) then I would allow myself to get my shoes out of the closet and wear them!  Instead of rewarding myself with a turtle latte or some chocolate- I would give myself these cute shoes! So that my friends is why I’m super excited today!  Because that 1 lb that I lost this week put me at my first goal!  Only 10 more to go!


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Hahahahahaha! Ha!  Get it?  Like “Menu-plan  Monday, Top-Ten Tuesday, Truthful Thursday or Finer-Thing Friday”?

I’m hilarious.  My husband told me not to do it.  But I did.  And I’m crackin’ myself up over here. 🙂

Ok. I’m done. 😉

For real though, I was thinking about a few things this week.  One of them being that one of my favorite ways to stay motivated with losing weight (when I did this last year) and now again this year is reading other people’s success stories.  It is so motivating to read how other normal, ordinary people first decided to make a change… and then do it.  However, most of the stories are once people have done all the hard work and have arrived at their goal.  Occasionally, some of the magazines that I read (the library is a great source for new and fresh material!) will run stories that be continual stories of people losing weight.  And those are great- I really enjoy seeing people work through the process.  But even then, I get those updates with a new magazine issue every 6-8 weeks.  Hard to stay motivated with that.  So I cam up with my own idea!

Instead of just not posting anything about this weight loss journey until I reach my goal (hopefully May 1, 2011!) I figured “why not let the people hear what is going on day in and day out around here and maybe help inspire someone else to set and reach their own goals?” So that is what this is.  Maybe some online accountability as well, but mostly I want to share what is like for a real woman (with some really big chocolate cravings!) with real kids… how this can be done.  Is it hard?  Yes.  Do I want to quit some days and just each that leftover piece of chocolate cake from my birthday yesterday? Yes. (Thankfully I put it in a container and stuck it in the freezer until a later date- bonus!) But can it be done? YES!  And I’m doing it.  Slowly, but I’m getting there.

So here is my update for the week.  I’m down 1/2 lb from last week.  Not the best number that I’ve seen in a while, but I did weigh in 2 days early on the morning of my birthday (I really wanted to start my day out right and I thought I had had a pretty good week!)  And while 1/2 lb was not the greatest start to my day yesterday, it was progress.  And I had overcome a hurdle this week that was not a usual temptation.

You see, we own a rental property that is a duplex.  And every year, once we get signed leases for the next year, the “duplex” takes our family out to eat to celebrate.  And I’m not talking about “clipping coupons and getting dinner to -go so we don’t have to pay a tip” kind of dinner. 🙂  This year we chose to go to HuHut on Friday night and I was so excited! And then so not excited when I remembered I was supposed to be losing weight. 😦  However, I made up my mind ahead of time that I would get some meat and some noodles (and not deprive myself of what I love) but then load on the veggies.  AND only go through the line once.  Thankfully I stuck to my plan and that is what happened.  It was great.  I was able to eat what I liked and got to enjoy it- but not feel terrible once I got home that I had just blown a week’s worth of calories in 25 min.  So that was a huge success for me!

Another trick of mine? Remember how I said I love chocolate? Well I do.  Thankfully I have switched over to dark chocolate.  But I will die will struggle if I do not have something small and sweet pretty much every day.  My sweet tooth kicks in once all the kids are down for bed at night.  I just want a little something to enjoy.  And while I have tried to just cut chocolate out completely- that does not work for me.  Then a few days later I find myself standing at the pantry eating handfuls of chocolate chips so I get my fix.  Ridiculous I know.  But that is what happens. So, want to know my secret?  I each chocolate every night before bed!  However, I have a bag of individually wrapped dark chocolate pieces (what my honey bought me for Valentines Day and I’m still working through the bag!) so that the portions are already decided.  I allow myself 1 piece per night or 2 as an occasional (maybe once a week) treat.  This system has worked great so far.  I get to each chocolate every day and I do not feel deprived, but my portions are already decided for me.  It is a win-win situation.

Until next week…. I’ll be busy enjoying my little pieces of dark chocolate, sprints on the treadmill and being diligent to work off these last 11 lbs!