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It has taken a lot of training, but for the most part Belle & Johnny are great eaters.  We don’t have the “clean your plate rule” , but they do have to eat most of everything on their plate whether they like it or not.  One thing that really helped ME when we changed our eating habits nearly 3 years ago was knowing how food was helping (or not!) my body.  So I’m constantly saying “those carrots will help your eyes see clearly” or “that milk will help build strong bones” or “those bites of broccoli will help you grow strong & tall”.

The other day we were coming home from my mom’s house and she handed me a sandwich bag full of puppy chow.  The kids were super excited & kept asking “Can we have that now?”  But it was nearly nap time so I wanted to hold them off till later that night for an after dinner treat.  “Nope, not now… maybe after dinner.”  So my wise son tried a different approach as we were driving home:

“Mom, puppy chow helps me have big muscles!”

LOL! Not sure if that is true, but I guess maybe a little bit with the peanut butter, right?!  Totally awesome.  Needless to say, he got himself a small handful of puppy chow later that night, cause this momma knows my little man needs bigger muscles. 😉


Johnny: “God is 8 (years old)!”

Belle: “No, He is not.  He is very old.  He is like 110.”

The kids are in their room winding down before bed.  Out of no where the following conversation takes place:

Belle: “When i go up to heaven, I’m going to wear an orange shirt and some pants.”

John Boy: “No, you are going to need some new clothes.”


My husband is going to be gone for 3 days & we are planning to be moving in the next 2 weeks.  I decided it would be a good few days to take “off” of cooking and have a breather.  I had decided on frozen pizza (I had a coupon for a free one!), egg sandwiches and turkey dogs (since we already had hot dog buns in the freezer).

We were at the grocery store this morning and I paused to make my best turkey dog selection and I hear my loving 3 year old pipe up from the cart:

John Boy: “Mom… you are a great mom…”

Me: *Pause* (Nearly have to reach into my purse for a tissue to dab my watering eyes…) “Really buddy?  Thanks… why do you say that?”

John Boy: “Cause you’re buying us hot dogs!”

I seriously contemplated crying and then laughing, or laughing and then crying.  Thankfully I pulled myself together and didn’t do anything except grab my selection and move on!  Wow… talk about an *almost* heartwarming moment. 🙂

We do a lot of role playing around here.  Some of the kid’s favorite games are playing “Subway” & “Starbucks” where we take turns being the worker or the customer.  I’m actually pretty excited when they ask to play these games because we work on real life skills,  being friendly, kind, looking at people in the eye, ect that I hope my kids will one day grasp and use in their daily lives.  Still to this day, Belle and Johnny are both terrified of strangers and speaking to new people.  But one day… one day… I know they will get it.

I hope. 🙂

Anyhow, this morning we were playing “grocery store” and I was the customer.  They were having a great time running around the living room “finding” all the items I requested.  Johnny’s favorite line- no matter what I ordered was “Um, I’m out of that.”  Haha!

However, Belle was quite accommodating to my needs.  Great customer service in her department.  Made me smile and nearly crack up when she looked me straight in the eye with the most serious expression and said:

“We have ALL kinds of foods.  We have organic, gluten & gluten free foods.”

That girl has been listening! Crack me up, not sure many 5 year olds that understand that stores sell gluten free foods. 🙂

If you ever need an idea for a car ride with little ones in tow, just try the game of “Subway” and order yourself a foot-long sub with all the fixin’s.  Awesome way to pass the time.  Oh, unless you have  a 3 year old in the backseat telling you he is out of everything you would like on your sandwich. 😉

On Friday we joined a few other mom’s for a play date/picnic at a park.  It was our first “adventure” of this kind out here in Colorado.  The morning started out with beautiful weather, but then was seriously H-O-T by the time we were leaving.  I was loading all the kids in the van and realized I should probably turn on the air conditioning just to cool down the van since things were so sticky.  We were driving away and the following conversation took place:

Johnny: “Mom, can you open my window so I can have some fresh air?”

Mom: “No, not right now John Boy, I have the air conditioning on.”


Johnny: “No mom, I don’t want that air.  I want God’s air.” 🙂

My kids were on a roll last night!

John Boy as he was resting by my side on the couch- he starts gently rubbing my tummy and says not once, but TWICE in 3 hrs:

“I think there is another baby in there…”

The little man praying before dinner:

“Thank you God for this food and for the broccoli”

Johnny going downstairs to find his dad says: “I will be right back mom…”  Belle replies: “Johnny, you should say B-R-B”

(Thanks Aunt Lindsy for that one!)

Belle gazing at me as I was smiling at Kade:

“When you get older mom, you get lots of lines by your eyes when you smile.”

On that note… I put them to bed! HA!

Last week while in Colorado we went to visit my sister Sarah (Aunt Ra-Ra to the kids) at Starbucks where she works.  We were heading up to Estes Park for the morning and figured it would be a perfect time to get a little coffee for the road.  Much to our surprise and delight, Aunt Ra-Ra informed us that it was her treat that morning.  AND-  that included the kids.  She ordered them their own kids sized  hot chocolates at 100 degrees!  (I did not even know they had such a drink.)  They were beyond thrilled to say the least.  I do not think they had ever (at least while in our care 🙂 ) had their own drive through drink from a coffee house.  As we were driving away, we heard our 2.5 year declare…


Belle: “Mom, can I have some time to P-L-A-Y?”
Mom:  “Good job spelling that Belle.  You spelled something like mom and dad do sometimes”
Belle: “Yeah…. I didn’t want dad to know what I was saying!”

“Give THANKS IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES  for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” -1 Thessalonians 5:18

Being thankful is a big thing around our house.  Very often if Jason or myself is having a rough day, the other one will ask “What are you thankful for?”  We might email or text each other a list or just tell each other at the end of the day.  It does my heart a world of good to remember all the blessings that God has given me and to take my eyes off myself.  Having a grateful heart is one character quality we want to instill in our kids.  Many times this has led to the kids and I being thankful on a van ride across town… just so I can get my heart right.  Well, now they think it is a game.   The ‘fankful’ game as Johnny calls it. 🙂  At least every other day or sometimes every day one of them will pipe up from the back of the van, “Mom, can we play the thankful game?”  So we do.  We take turns going around and say what we are thankful for.  It makes this momma smile. 🙂

A few months ago Jason also started leading the kids at bedtime to say one thing they are thankful for and they ended the day in prayer thanking God for his provision over our family.  A few times Belle requested that I join them and now it has turned into part of our nightly routine that we do as a family.  I love it.

Which brings me to my quote of the day from a little while back.  We were playing the thankful game in the van and after several rounds…. this little conversation was had:

Mom: “I’m thankful for daddy’s job”

Dad: “I’m thankful for  (I can’t remember what he said) “

John Boy: “I’m fankful for MY job!”

Dad: “Your job? You don’t have a job buddy.”

John Boy: “I do! I clean up the duplo blocks!”

Hahaha! 🙂 Awesome.  Yes Johnny, mommy is thankful for your job too! 🙂