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Thanksgiving Day, 2005:

Thanksgiving Day, 2011:

What a wonderful way to start the day, giving thanks for our Isabelle!  We love you Belle & can’t believe you are 6 years old today!


I came home from grocery shopping to find this lil’ surprise waiting for me:

I am so thankful for Isabelle’s active gestures to show those around her that she loves them.  Nearly every day she is coloring, designing or drawing a picture for someone to brighten their day.  Thanks for thinking of me Belle!

Nothing like out of the blue having your 5 year old hand you this:

Did you catch that?

To mom I love you so much. Thank you for taking care of me mom.  Love Belle

Awwww! Seriously, it made my day.  And I kept it out on the dresser for several days just so I could look at it again & again.

And the cutest part?  Check this:

Jason has a collection few pieces of molding  wax & signet rings that he occasionally uses when he write me a love note.  (Awww again! He is a romantic at heart. 🙂 ) So far, it has just been our thing.  But unbeknownst to me, Belle went downstairs & requested that Jason melt some wax on her note to seal it for her!

Made my day week! I love you Belle & I’m so thankful God gave you to me!


As promised, here are our keepers. 🙂







Recently, I had the privilege of helping to take a friend’s senior pictures.  We met out at a sculpture park that I had never heard of and I absolutely had a blast!  I LOVE photography and I’m constantly snapping pics of the kids, or sunsets, or whatever.  But I decided it was high time to take some “official school pics” of my kids.  The last time I officially dressed Belle up, did her hair and got some keeper photos was when she was 18 months old.  Wow.

We scheduled it for a Saturday night at dusk.  Jason ended up not being able to come, but I plowed ahead anyway since I really wanted to get this done.  Plus, Kodak was running a special for 200 prints for $1.99 shipped to my door! What a perfect time to order 170 prints (yes, I ordered that many from just this photo shoot!) for the kids to hand out to all their friends & to give to all the relatives!  With my husband’s approval, I told the kids if they could smile and obey momma for a while so I could take their pictures, well, we might just find our way to the Starbucks drive through for a kid’s hot chocolate.   Wowza- did that do the trick!  We got to the sculpture park and Johnny ran over into the grass, sat down and folded his hands and gave me the biggest and cheesiest smile ever!  Good start to the night. 🙂

Here are a few of our outtakes for your enjoyment!

He made it about 4 photos into our shoot before the goofiness starting eeking outa him!

I think her face started to hurt from smiling, but she really wanted this pose with the flower since it was

one that I tried with Sam (who’s senior pics I took).

“Hold on mom, I have something in my toe.”

“Why are we all laying in the grass???”

“And then I went to the store and bough a LION!”

Is it just me or does my son look like a baby Yoda? 🙂

“I like to smile without my teeth.”

“Can we have some hot chocolate yet?”

And yes, I will post our keepers soon!

Johnny: “God is 8 (years old)!”

Belle: “No, He is not.  He is very old.  He is like 110.”

The kids are in their room winding down before bed.  Out of no where the following conversation takes place:

Belle: “When i go up to heaven, I’m going to wear an orange shirt and some pants.”

John Boy: “No, you are going to need some new clothes.”


My kids were on a roll last night!

John Boy as he was resting by my side on the couch- he starts gently rubbing my tummy and says not once, but TWICE in 3 hrs:

“I think there is another baby in there…”

The little man praying before dinner:

“Thank you God for this food and for the broccoli”

Johnny going downstairs to find his dad says: “I will be right back mom…”  Belle replies: “Johnny, you should say B-R-B”

(Thanks Aunt Lindsy for that one!)

Belle gazing at me as I was smiling at Kade:

“When you get older mom, you get lots of lines by your eyes when you smile.”

On that note… I put them to bed! HA!

These were our Valentines we gave the whole fam…. 🙂

And… while I’m at it, here are a few more fav’s of my littlest Valentine from this last week. 🙂

Nothin’ like that toothless grin to make this momma’s heart go pitter-patter! 🙂


I love that Belle and Johnny are at an age that they can play and pretend together.


I went downstairs to change the laundry this morning and Bob the Builder (notice the boots 😉 ) and the angel said they were building a slide together. 🙂

I must say, he is the cutest Bob the Builder I’ve ever seen. 🙂