I struggle with being content. Most days there is at least something that I’m not really a big fan of in my life.  While I don’t always voice these out loud (thankful I’m growing in this area!) – I find that my heart can still be dark and ungrateful.  Being thankful for all the little things in my life is very helpful.  But I really enjoyed reading this list that my friend Rach passed along.  I’m considering framing it and putting it in my kitchen! 🙂  It has been so helpful to have some specifics to think through and realize “Wow, I’m really not content with our basement being unfinished in this house”.  I was able to pray through that, let it go and even tell my husband “I’m ok with this not getting done right now”.

Apparently God is working on my heart in this area.  It is hard, but it is good.  And I must say I nearly fell over when Jason looked at me one night at dinner and said, “You seem so much more content”.  Makes it all worthwhile. 🙂