I am so grateful for our van! It is such a blessing & we have it situated just perfectly for our family.  The two bigger kids are in the back & we’ve taken 1 of the middle captains chair out to give us all more room to get in an out.  Kade is turned around backwards in the other middle seat, but then he can see the kids.  It so nice.  I’m not quite looking forward to our 12 hr ride to IA in less than a month, but knowing we are going in our van makes it seem a little easier.  AND after driving a loaner full sized van for 2 weeks this fall when our van was getting some hail damage fixed… well, I LOVE our van! So nice!  Can’t believe we’ve had it for 3 years already!


Quite often Jason or I will tell each other, “Can you believe how perfect this house is for us?”  Nothing fancy, just an 1,100 square foot, 3 bedroom ranch, but it is absolutely perfect!  And do you remember it was only the 2nd house we looked at in Loveland? And we weren’t even really looking to buy until next summer?  And we got it for a great deal???  We are so blessed!