Our small group from church hosted our very first “kids clothes swap” this weekend.  It was a hit!

I am thankful for the items we were able to swap for “new to us” items for Belle & Johnny.  But God opened my eyes today to see so much more.  In particular, there were 2 families there that really were in need.  To the point that their eyes were tearing up and they were saying that they just needed help.  One woman snatched a pair of gloves off of the table and quickly said “Oh! I needed gloves!”  It broke my heart.  Yes I love a great deal for our family or my kids.  But when it all comes down to it, I can go to Walmart to buy them gloves for the winter.  I can’t imagine facing the winter with no gloves.  Or my kids not having a pair. Wow, it was hard to see, and yet pretty sweet of God to pull the entire thing off and bring those people who really needed clothes for their kids.

My life is so blessed.  I serve an awesome God, I’m married to an amazing man, I have three wonderful, healthy kids and we have food in our bellies & a roof over our head.  Thank you Lord for your provision in our life!