It is funny how I need an attitude adjustment sometimes.  We were blessed with 2 different groups of hand-me-downs this weekend.  My mom dropped off some of her clothes that no longer fit (yes, she is tiny!) and another mom from our church gave me a box of homeschooling supplies.  I had yet to go through either pile, but found myself thinking this afternoon “Man, this living room is a mess.  And I have both of those piles of stuff to go through as well”.  Then I quickly realized, “Leah, that was pretty selfish & ungrateful! You have so much to be thankful for!” And I do.  What a wonderful blessing to not have to buy any multiplication or division flash cards or new writing tablets for the kids.  AND- new to me clothes, most of them that are shirts?  YES PLEASE! I was just telling my husband that I have no shirts that fit!

Perhaps that is what this month of grateful is all about.  Taking the ordinary and regular things in life & realizing what a blessing they are!  Thank you!!