It has taken a lot of training, but for the most part Belle & Johnny are great eaters.  We don’t have the “clean your plate rule” , but they do have to eat most of everything on their plate whether they like it or not.  One thing that really helped ME when we changed our eating habits nearly 3 years ago was knowing how food was helping (or not!) my body.  So I’m constantly saying “those carrots will help your eyes see clearly” or “that milk will help build strong bones” or “those bites of broccoli will help you grow strong & tall”.

The other day we were coming home from my mom’s house and she handed me a sandwich bag full of puppy chow.  The kids were super excited & kept asking “Can we have that now?”  But it was nearly nap time so I wanted to hold them off till later that night for an after dinner treat.  “Nope, not now… maybe after dinner.”  So my wise son tried a different approach as we were driving home:

“Mom, puppy chow helps me have big muscles!”

LOL! Not sure if that is true, but I guess maybe a little bit with the peanut butter, right?!  Totally awesome.  Needless to say, he got himself a small handful of puppy chow later that night, cause this momma knows my little man needs bigger muscles. 😉