You may remember that I’m not huge into holiday/seasonal decorations.  While every once and a while I see decorations that I like, I think the part that I don’t particularly enjoy is having to store all that stuff all year long.  Even for Christmas (which I LOVE!) we don’t do much more than a tree, nativity scene and stockings.  I think I just need to let this go & get my head around the fact that I do like some holiday decorations & that I don’t need to get all worked up when I decide to purchase something for the house.  On a side note though- in our 3 moves in a year, I did end up getting rid of my snowman mug & sign for the front entryway.  Which leaves me with my rod iron snowman candle decoration.  So since I got rid of 2 things in the last year, I have room for others, right? 😉

We were at a friend’s house a few weeks back and she had a small glass pumpkin on her table filled with pinecones.  And she had out some napkins with leaves on them & her kids had gathered leaves that they had laminated and hung on the windows.  So simple, yet elegant, festive & homey.  I commented something about how I liked her decorations.  Low & behold she showed up the next day with 2 “fall decoration” items for me from JoAnn fabrics.  I was so touched by her thoughtfulness and being a gift giver myself- I LOVED receiving them!   She mentioned that she didn’t know what my style was & that I was free to take the items back and exchange them for something else.  I thought about it for a few days & decided that I might just go look at the store & see if anything screamed “Leah! I need to be in your house!”  I took Belle along. Yep, that was a bad idea.  EVERYTHING was screaming her name. 😉  Thankfully I stumbled upon this knew that I liked the concept:

I must have a thing for rod iron decorations.  🙂  While I liked that fall pumpkin, I was not in love.  It seemed a bit empty to me & the yellow flowers seemed a bit bright for holiday decorating.  So then I decided “I’m at a craft store, maybe I can find some filler leaves & flowers & paint the yellow flowers a deeper yellow color.”   And so began my quest.   (And I was on a budget because I was really hoping to do my whole entire project with the store credit that I had from the other two items).  I ended up finding some more leaves, some deep red flowers & some darker gold paint.  Walked out of the store with all of that and paid a whopping $2.60 after my credit!  Perfect!

When I got home I was so excited to hopefully put what was in my head into play and and create itl for my table.  I started clipping leaves & flowers, trimming and filling this pumpkin in!  And I was super excited about the results- welcome to my kitchen:

Isn’t it homey & festive?   AND to top it off, I ended up not using the gold paint (as the flowers were not quite so bright with all the red that I added in)  and I was able to return some of the leaves- so all in all I think I paid like $.20!  Woo hoo!

So there you are folks- my attempt at arts and crafts.  I’m quite pleased with the results.  And it has made me start dreaming about Christmas decorations.  However, you are all free to call me out if I go as far as a giant blow up snow globe in my front yard. 🙂