It is funny how people change.  I feel like I’ve done nearly a 180 in the last 3 years.  But I didn’t know quite how far I had come until I was standing in the garden and thought “This is beautiful!”  You want to see what I was looking at?  Well, I thought you just might be wondering. 🙂

And then my next thought was: “Leah, you are crazy!”  But for real, I love my garden.  I have never lived in a place with a good sized garden so the possibilities with this baby are super exciting to me!  Like my compost that I have been dumping in nearly every day since we moved in. I had been thinking about saving up for something like this but then realized I should probably just start with a small bowl & see if I would be faithful with actually composting our food scraps.  Low & behold I love it!  Here is my little set up:

I usually just send one of us out the sliding glass door & 20 steps later to the garden to dump the bowl every night after dinner. Works like a charm.  And since I empty it every day, I probably won’t end up ordering one of those special counter composters since it doesn’t have time to start to smell.  However, in the middle of January, I see it might be helpful to not have to walk outside to the garden every day.  We will see.  For now, this is working just fine.

*Ahem* I got distracted. 🙂

Back to what is beautiful!  If you see in the one corner of the garden, we have rhubarb that was already here and established.  I’m so excited about the possibilities of that for next summer.  And in the opposite corner you might see our baby apple & cherry trees that we scored a deal on at Lowes a few weeks ago.  I’m personally quite impressed that they have not died yet. 🙂 (A few years ago we bought a tree for our front yard for like $7 at the end of the season and the thing did not last a week!)  Anyhow, what you also might see is our grass clippings that we have faithfully been putting on the garden each time we mow.  And what you cannot see is the large trailer load of horse manure that our friends the Sheets so kindly delivered & spread all over our garden for us!  Come on next spring!  I do think since the soil is so clay-e out here, that I will still need to add more to the soil in the spring.  But what we have going right now is a great start!  The endless possibilities of fresh non-sprayed veggies for next summer already has me planning and mapping out my garden.  And my goal?  I really want to grow pumpkins!

But my oh my has this girl changed over the years.  I’m not even sure what I would say I thought was beautiful 5 years ago (I probably just can’t remember 😉 )- but now that I was staring at a patch of rotting tomatoes & horse manure…and had that thought.  Wowza.  I’ve come a long way. 🙂