Please tell me I’m not nuts.  Between taking care of 3 kids, trying to get a very large yard weed-free (with no chemicals) and unpacking a house, (OH! and planning a school year… almost forgot about that!) you would think that cleaning my window sills would take a back burner, right?  Wrong.  I last only a week before “cleaning window sills” made it on my to-do list for the week.

I think the difference is this.  Normally in IA in the month of August- the ac is on all. the. time.  Or at least most of the time.  Here?  It is blazing hot during the day, but once the sun goes down?  GORGEOUS!   We open up most of the windows overnight and wake up to a house that is 72*-74*.  *Sigh* So nice.  Granted, by noon, I have to shut up the entire house as it gets beastly, but I know in a matter of hours, I can open it all back up again.  So nice.

But not so nice when I’m staring down those window sills twice a day. I really did try to let it go.  Really.  Then I just gave up. Gave the kids q-tips and a bottle of vinegar and to have at it cleaning the patio door track.  They LOVED it!  Kept them busy for at least 20 min and honestly I have no idea how great of a job they did.  I never checked. 🙂  But it must be better than it was, cause I don’t notice it every time I come in or out anymore.  I have been trying to tackle one sill a day this week.  And actually Belle did one all by herself earlier this week since the boys were still napping.  So nice!  Not sure if I’m going to leave the ones in the basement alone for now or not… hmm.  Probably shouldn’t have just thought about it!  HA!

After about 4 min of work with vinegar, 2 paper towels and 7 q-tips, this is what I now have to look at in my living room.

Whew… I can breathe again.  Almost.  Only a few more to go. 🙂  But seriously, if you ever find yourself purchasing a home that has been vacant for 18 months?  Be prepared for weeds and dirt and lots of them. 🙂