We do a lot of role playing around here.  Some of the kid’s favorite games are playing “Subway” & “Starbucks” where we take turns being the worker or the customer.  I’m actually pretty excited when they ask to play these games because we work on real life skills,  being friendly, kind, looking at people in the eye, ect that I hope my kids will one day grasp and use in their daily lives.  Still to this day, Belle and Johnny are both terrified of strangers and speaking to new people.  But one day… one day… I know they will get it.

I hope. 🙂

Anyhow, this morning we were playing “grocery store” and I was the customer.  They were having a great time running around the living room “finding” all the items I requested.  Johnny’s favorite line- no matter what I ordered was “Um, I’m out of that.”  Haha!

However, Belle was quite accommodating to my needs.  Great customer service in her department.  Made me smile and nearly crack up when she looked me straight in the eye with the most serious expression and said:

“We have ALL kinds of foods.  We have organic, gluten & gluten free foods.”

That girl has been listening! Crack me up, not sure many 5 year olds that understand that stores sell gluten free foods. 🙂

If you ever need an idea for a car ride with little ones in tow, just try the game of “Subway” and order yourself a foot-long sub with all the fixin’s.  Awesome way to pass the time.  Oh, unless you have  a 3 year old in the backseat telling you he is out of everything you would like on your sandwich. 😉