I’m always on the hunt for quick, budget friendly & healthy snacks for my family.  I have heard many, many times in the past that hard boiled eggs make great snacks.  And while I would agree, especially now that my eggs come right to my front door, the part I didn’t get or understand was how to cook those hard boiled eggs.  I can not tell you how many times I have tried to hard boil eggs over the past years only to have them crack open or come off in little millimeter size pieces that take 12 min to peel.

I finally realized (after WAY too many failed attempts) that my water temp was too high so the rolling boil made the eggs crack.  Once I got that figured out I thought I was good to go.  Then I took my cousin’s advice and “boiled their little hearts out” and while that worked, peeling them never seemed like an easy task.  I pretty much gave up.  And only made hard boiled eggs when absolutely necesary.

However, since moving to Colorado, we have had hard boiled eggs sitting in the fridge almost all the time.  I discovered an amazing way to cook them that turns out perfectly every time and takes seconds to peel.  For real, several times the shell comes off nearly in one piece- can you say jack pot?!?! 🙂

My mother learned how to steam the eggs when she was in China.  She traveled half way around the world to learn this technique!
Sweet story, right?  Well, let me just add, that she she learned it from the other pastor’s wife, Carol Meyer (from here in Colorado) who went with her. 🙂

Not that I’m knocking it… I’m loving having this snack at our house! If you have a few eggs handy, you should give this a try!

Hard Boiled Eggs- Steamed

Set a timer for 25 min
Put enough water in the pan so that it is just under the steam basket.

Place eggs in basket and cover with a lid.

Turn the water on high heat for 8 minutes.

Then turn water to medium heat for the remaining 17 minutes.

Remove from heat and uncover.

And your done!  Easy as pie, just don’t set  a timer and go work in your room where you can’t hear it beep after the 8 minutes… that might come back to bite you. 🙂  Thankfully my husband walked out into the kitchen and asked me why there was a timer going off in the kitchen. Whew!  🙂

Now I’m wondering if I’m the only person who failed for so long with eggs?  Surely I’m not.  Or maybe there is another “kitchen fail” that took you forever to figure out?  Do share! It would make me feel better. 🙂