I tried calling my mom a few months ago and I got her voice mail.  She called back a bit later and told me she was sorry she missed my call, but that she had been talking to the milkman!  Ha!  I thought she was pulling my leg.  However, it was true!  There are very real milkmen that deliver milk to your front door!  Who knew?  I totally thought that was so forever ago.  However, every Tuesday and Friday morning by 7 am we have this waiting for us outside:

How fun is that?  Totally awesome and the kids LOVE Tuesday and Friday mornings!  The best deal they have is their 1.5% milk which is not my first choice for my weight loss journey (no, I’m not ignoring the fact, just forgetting to weigh in!) but it is working out pretty well so far.  And while it is not organic milk (my first choice, but our budget is not organic milk friendly) it has no growth hormones and is pasteurized at a lower temp than normal milk at the store. Overall, I’m a happy camper!

And then, thanks to a referral by my brother & sister-in-law, we now have organic farm fresh eggs delivered to our door every Friday as well!  I can totally taste a difference in the eggs from store bought eggs, they are so good!  And come to find out- all eggs are not always the same size and color:

Let me tell you, I felt a little like “Green Eggs & Ham” the first time I opened up our eggs.  It took me a few days to finally eat a green one, but that was the end of my mental struggle- we’ve been eating and enjoying them all!  Hello scrambled eggs, french toast breakfast burritos and spinach oven omelets!