I was pretty excited when we went over to our good friend the Meyers a few months back and Rach had made homemade batch of lemonade.  I’ve really not been a huge fan of the powdered lemonade mix.  I had yet to find a healthier option to give to my family so we rarely have any other drinks besides milk and water in our home.  Oh yes, and coffee creamer. 🙂  (I might add, I have been using some flavored almond milk this week and trying to substitute it for my coffee creamer.  I am not ready to make the switch yet… but I’m working on it.  B.a.b.y. steps, right? 🙂 )

Anyhow, back to the lemonade recipe.  Contained three ingredients, lemon juice, water and stevia.  Here is her recipe:

Stevia lemonade
1/2 t. Liquid stevia
2/3-3/4 c. Lemon juice
6 c. Water

I had just seen on Facebook yesterday that someone had made homemade limeade with the same recipe as above.  Thankfully I had just purchased my very own bottle of stevia this last month and when I saw limes were on sale today for 4/$1- I decided to give it a whirl!  (P.S. What is a good price for limes?  I rarely buy them… in fact I was thinking this would have been an even better deal if I had just bought a bottle of lime juice.)

However, there is something about rolling my limes back and forth on my counter (thank you Rachael Ray for that tip!) before I sliced them to make extracting the most juice out of them a little easier.  Then cutting them and squeezing them and mixing everything together.  I must say… move over Countrytime!  There is a new lemonade/limeade in town!  Yum!

Super excited to have this healthy option to drink this summer!  What do you prefer?  Lemonade or Limeade?  Or something else?  I’m thinking about trying my hand at sun tea… once the sun decides to come back!