HA! I had a hard time finding wall to wall space in the room to take the measurements because the entire perimeter of the room is full!  I had to measure up to the dresser and then add the measurement of the width of the dresser to get my final numbers!

Tis true.  And while technically all of our kids shared the same room in our rental house, we had a 3rd room available as our “overflow” room.  However, since we are staying at my parent’s now, there are only 2 bedrooms available for us to use. That means all that extra bedding, another dresser and all the cloth diapering is now happening in their bedroom as well.  It is a tight fit, but I’m impressed at how we have eaked out every square inch of space in that room to make it work.  Check it.

Here are the custom bunk beds my husband designed and built earlier this week for their room.  If you notice right down at the bottom of the picture the bottom bed is several inches off the floor giving me extra space to store their small totes of toys.  Woot!  And thankfully the closet is quite roomy and already had the organization in place.  I only bought the hanging shelves for the diapers.

Here we have the cloth diapering station next to the crib. Also notice the pack-n-play that is ready at a moment’s notice for the 1 am wake up calls that have happened the last few nights.  We take the little man and put him in the laundry room to cry it out so he does not wake up his brother and sister. 🙂

Now that we have had several days here I feel like this room is functioning like a well oiled machine.  The only thing I miss is our glider rocker that I used each night to feed Kade.  Now I just get up and bring him in our room for his too often night time snacks. 🙂