Excuse the quick posts around here.  We are moving this weekend and life is a little c.r.a.z.y. 🙂

I had even forgot that today was weigh in day today until last night.  Thankfully I remembered to weigh in this morning! Down 1.5 lbs!  Woot!  Only 5.5 more to go till my goal weight!

I have many ideas of content for my future weigh in posts, but for now I thought I would leave you with this lovely photo.  Just as a reminder of what we are shedding when we exercise and make good food choices!

Check out what one pound of fat looks like:

Photo Credit

Pretty sure I’m going to keep that image in my head for the future when I really, really REALLY do not want to get on my treadmill.  Gross.

Until next week, happy and healthy snacking to you! I’m hoping my transition from an Iowan to a Colradoan will inspire all sorts of new and exciting posts! 🙂