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About a month or two ago was when I first started thinking about this post.  Wondering if people were done paying off their Christmas shopping debt.  And it made me realize how thankful I am that we save for Christmas gifts all year long.  I think that is one of the best parts about Christmas that I enjoy is the ability to buy and purchase gifts that people will love without having to stress about the money!  Another benefit to saving each month?  I get to Christmas shop all year round!  I keep my eyes and ears open to people’s hints and suggestions so if I find a deal… say in March (yes I have purchased something already for Christmas 2011 that was 60% off!) I have the funds available to make a steal of a deal and stretch our hard earned dollars just a little bit further.  Love it!  Plus, I don’t even have to think about it because we have our ING account set up so it automatically deducts a set amount each month in to our “Gifts” account.  In my opinion… it is a win-win situation. 🙂

We usually we end up a with an extra gift or two that we need to budget for in December, but let me tell you, it is much easier to work an extra $15-$30 into your month budget than several hundred.  That’s all I’m saying… really.  So how about it?  Want to start saving?  Be able to shop all year round to find great deals?  Get a jump on your shopping and enjoy the holiday season a little less stressed?




You will be glad you did.

Ps. If you would like $25 in free money to jump start your savings- leave your email a comment below and I will send you a referral link!  You get $25 and we get $10 just for you signing up with ING!  If nothing else, you can help ad $10 to my Christmas savings account. 😉

Pss. All opinions are mine!  I love ING!