Pardon my tardiness by a day with this post.  Much to my chagrin….I did actually weigh in yesterday.

You see- how do I put this delicately? Um… I had a few run in with baked cheetos and pop-tarts this week and I was not looking forward to weighing in- at all.  We had our annual couple’s conference this last weekend so I bought some “fun food” for the kids (and we took pop-tarts for our breakfast as it was not provided).  However, in all my brilliance I bought the “16-pack” since it was a better deal.  I did not take into account though that I would want to eat those leftover pop-tarts this week.  On Tuesday afternoon I was just craving sugar… and nothing was going to work to distract myself.  So I ate a package of pop-tarts and my thought process was something along the lines of:

“Well, if I’m going to gain weight this week… I’d better do it with gusto”

Amazing isn’t it?  Immediately, I felt both mentally and physically awful after I ate them. It was not worth it and I do not plan to do that again.  This just encourages me even more to make sure all I’m buying at the grocery store is healthy, whole, good for me foods.  Then I know that those foods are what I will turn to when I need a snack.  If I keep junk food in the house???  Yeah, I don’t want to do that again.

So… I weighed in this week and lost another pound!  Not sure how that happened with my pop-tart and cheeto fix this week.  I attribute it to my intervals with cardio and weight training and I know that nursing my son at all hrs of the day does not hurt either. 😉  Once he starts in on real food, I’m guessing this is going to get harder.  But for now, I’m hoping I will get to my goal before then and I can re-evaluate things at that time.

This month for our clothes budget– I had an idea that I talked through with my husband.  Not sure where this all came from, but I decided that I would like to purchase (with his approval of course since we split our clothes budget between the two of us) some work out clothes.  Why you ask?  Especially since it is only my children who have seen me working out these last two months?  Well, so far in my “get fit” seasons of life I have been working out in old cut off t-shirts and my painting capri pants.  Lovely to say the least. 🙂 I reasoned that if I could look cute while working out… well, that is just one more reason to put on those work out clothes in the morning and not change out of them until I get in my burn in for the day!  And of course, I’m a frugalista- so I had to find a deal.  Check out what I scored at Walmart- the capris were each clearanced to $7 and I had found some tops for $2! Check out my uber cool (in my opinion!) and budget friendly work out clothes!

While I have not been bounding out of bed each morning to put on one of these outfits, it has helped keep me more motivated.  Especially when I was able to take back the larger size of pants for the next size down- bonus!  AND it helps that these fit my body better so I can see more of a change that I’m going through while shedding weight and building muscle.  Add to the fact that I would like to start running outside again once I get used to the altitude change in Colorado… I’d say these were a good investment!

How was your week?  Any successes?  Failures? Stories to tell to keep us all pushing towards getting healthy?

Only 7lbs left till my goal! Woot!