Yep, pretty sure my son is nearly three and a half months old and our tummy time still looks like this.  The kid hates it!  He just turns his head to the side and starts screaming.  I’ve tried letting the Belle and Johnny get down on the floor with him, I’ve tried having him at the end of the bed so I can kneel on the floor and have him look at me and also propping him up on a pillow to give him some added “umph”.  It is still a no go.

Which leads to the next issue, head control.  He really does not have very good head control.  He will hold his head up if I hold him and have him face outwards so he can watch the kids.  He really likes that, but since his head control is not the greatest, I can’t keep him in the mei tai facing out so that leaves me to holding him.  Did I mention that we are packing up to leave the state and I have two other very active (I have yet to find someone who says they have in-active) toddlers?  Needless to say, I do not hold him facing out that much- but I’m working on it.  It is much easier to strap him in the mei tai snuggled up next to me or let him swing in the baby swing.  However, neither of those options are helping his head control or his ability to learn to push himself up.  Oh, and as I was thinking about this more today- it is a lot harder to let baby #3 just hang out on the floor all the time than baby #1 or #2 since the older ones are running around all the time!  I just don’t feel like it is a good idea to set him down very often on his tummy- it is just an accident waiting to happen.  AND- did I mention that he just screams?  Not the most pleasant sound in the world….

However, I have to give the little man props- he is at least trying this week.  A few times he has picked up his head and looked around.  I’m trying to catch some tummy time shortly after he eats so he is happy and not tired.  He still has yet to push up with his arms, but the fact that he lifted his head up most of the way last night and flashed me one big toothless smile gives me a little hope that we will not be 2 years old before we get this figured out!

Did your kids do this?  My other two did not have this issue at all, in fact John Boy was so good at tummy time, the kid rolled over when he turned 2 months!  I know comparing your kids is not a good idea- but what is a mother to do???