I feel like every other post on this blog is “homemade….”  My brain just likes to move fast! 🙂  Most of what I make homemade food wise is so that I know what ingredients are included- my goal is for our family to eat mostly whole foods.  Oh yes… and be able to stay on a budget with said whole foods. 🙂

Now making personal care and cleaning supplies?  It is pretty much the same thing.  I like knowing what ingredients I’m putting around and on our bodies… and yes, you guessed it- I need to stay on a budget!

I read on a blog a long time ago about making your own foaming hand soap. And I really liked the idea.  I enjoy the good smelling foaming hand soap, but would rather not pay the extra money for it.  And when I read on a blog that you could just take a regular old foaming hand pump and fill it with a little bit of soap and mostly water?  Well, you better believe I was all over that. 🙂

This week I needed to refill our bathroom soap, so I decided it was a perfect time to take some pictures and let you all in on this little secret!  You ready for this?  You might want to get out some paper and a pen and take some notes… NOT!

Take your empty foaming hand soap container, fill with a little bit of soap (I use castile soap now, but for a while just used Green Works dish soap) (and by a little bit of soap, I mean a little bit of soap… the first time I put too much and clogged the pump!) and then add water.  Give it a good shake and viola!

Granted, it is not as thick as the stuff you can buy at Bath & Body Works, but having a piece of mind about what is IN the soap and the fact that it literally costs me pennies… I’m sold!