Yep, here we are all laced up and ready to go.

A couple of years ago (yes, you read that correctly) a friend of ours, Mike, gave us some free admission and skate rental passes for the Coralridge Ice Arena.  I was super pumped because every year on my birthday when I was a kid, I just wanted to go ice skating. 🙂  I was thrilled that I might be able to get a few hrs of skating in for free!  I put them in my wallet and …..promtly forgot about them.  About a year ago, I found them again and go so excited!  But then realized they had expired in December of ’09.  Sad day!  I went to the ice arena and asked to speak with a manager and asked if I could still use them since they were only a few months expired.  He said that was fine.  I could not go skating that day, but decided it would be one day very soon.  A few weeks after, I found out I was pregnant… yep, pretty sure ice skating +  morning sickness/being pregnant was not going to be a good combo.  Once again, ice skating was put down low on the “to-do list”.

We had our little man at the end of 2010- which puts me with ice skating passes that are OVER 1 year expired!  I decided that since I really wanted to be able to take the kids skating, I would once again go ask a manager if they would accept my passes.  Much to my surprise and delight- he said yes!  He even crossed out the expiration date and wrote his intials on the passes so I would not have any trouble handing them to a cashier at some point.  We quickly found a date on the calendar that worked with our schedule and when the ice arena had open skating! Yesterday was the day!  I was able to take both Belle and Johnny skating for FREE! Thank you Mike for the passes!

I was reminded once again yesterday to ALWAYS ask for a deal!  You never know when they will say YES!

This guy is for sure my big talker.  The moment we hit the ice, his feet were going every which way direction except forward.  If I had not had a hold of his hands, he would not have made more than 2 seconds.  However, the entire time he was telling me where we should go, how he could do it by himself and that he was a big kid.  I seriously was laughing most of the time I had him out on the ice because of his comments about “how good he was”. 🙂  But for 95% of the time, the above picture was how we were skating.  He just sort of hung there with his feet a good foot in front of him. I was bent over at my waist trying to let his feet stay on the ice but keep him upright as well.  I made it three laps with him and my lower back was done. 🙂  But he was a trooper, loved every minute of it and would have kept going if ol’ mom could have kept up.

And of course, my lil’ lady and I getting ready to head out.  I was not sure what she was going to think skating.  She tends to get quite emotional when things get hard or she is overwhelmed… I know, she follows closely in her mother’s footsteps.  *Sigh*

But we made it on the ice with only 1 minor meltdown and no falls!  By our fourth and final lap she was actually letting go of the wall at times (still holding onto my hand though) and balancing along side of me.  Again, I think if I could have kept going, she would have loved to do a few more laps.  Maybe next time I will do some lower back exercises to be ready! 🙂

And our littlest man? He and daddy had some bonding time together along with whatever kid was “resting” while they took turns going out on the ice with mom.

And my favortist part of yesterday?  We had the camera along so I decided to take some pics of the kids at the play place at the mall. I was busy taking pictures of the kids when some lady walked over and said “Would you like a picture with all of you?”


We gathered everyone together and tried to get some smiles.  It did not work until I said “We are going to say ICE SKATING!” That got giggles and smiles outa the older two.  Kade-man?  We need to work on “on command” smiles. 😉  But I seriously love this picture of all of us- in fact I think it is the first one of our entire group since we are a family of 5!

Yeah for family days!