Apparently, my love of photography started when I was 12.

Check out the goodies I uncovered while packing this week.Β  (And yes, I took a picture of a picture because I’m a little crunched for time these days!)

My dad really loved western themed things for the basement.Β  Can you tell we were a little short on props? πŸ™‚

Except for artificial flowers and ivy… apparently we had plenty of that.

And where do I start with this one?Β  I love that I hoisted them up into the window sill, I love how serious they all are…Elizabeth was going for the extra attitude with her eyes closed and I LOVE how I told Sarah to hold her dress out to the side! Oh, and did I mention those curtains and mini-blinds?Β  The perfect back drop for this picture. πŸ™‚