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Hahahahahaha! Ha!  Get it?  Like “Menu-plan  Monday, Top-Ten Tuesday, Truthful Thursday or Finer-Thing Friday”?

I’m hilarious.  My husband told me not to do it.  But I did.  And I’m crackin’ myself up over here. 🙂

Ok. I’m done. 😉

For real though, I was thinking about a few things this week.  One of them being that one of my favorite ways to stay motivated with losing weight (when I did this last year) and now again this year is reading other people’s success stories.  It is so motivating to read how other normal, ordinary people first decided to make a change… and then do it.  However, most of the stories are once people have done all the hard work and have arrived at their goal.  Occasionally, some of the magazines that I read (the library is a great source for new and fresh material!) will run stories that be continual stories of people losing weight.  And those are great- I really enjoy seeing people work through the process.  But even then, I get those updates with a new magazine issue every 6-8 weeks.  Hard to stay motivated with that.  So I cam up with my own idea!

Instead of just not posting anything about this weight loss journey until I reach my goal (hopefully May 1, 2011!) I figured “why not let the people hear what is going on day in and day out around here and maybe help inspire someone else to set and reach their own goals?” So that is what this is.  Maybe some online accountability as well, but mostly I want to share what is like for a real woman (with some really big chocolate cravings!) with real kids… how this can be done.  Is it hard?  Yes.  Do I want to quit some days and just each that leftover piece of chocolate cake from my birthday yesterday? Yes. (Thankfully I put it in a container and stuck it in the freezer until a later date- bonus!) But can it be done? YES!  And I’m doing it.  Slowly, but I’m getting there.

So here is my update for the week.  I’m down 1/2 lb from last week.  Not the best number that I’ve seen in a while, but I did weigh in 2 days early on the morning of my birthday (I really wanted to start my day out right and I thought I had had a pretty good week!)  And while 1/2 lb was not the greatest start to my day yesterday, it was progress.  And I had overcome a hurdle this week that was not a usual temptation.

You see, we own a rental property that is a duplex.  And every year, once we get signed leases for the next year, the “duplex” takes our family out to eat to celebrate.  And I’m not talking about “clipping coupons and getting dinner to -go so we don’t have to pay a tip” kind of dinner. 🙂  This year we chose to go to HuHut on Friday night and I was so excited! And then so not excited when I remembered I was supposed to be losing weight. 😦  However, I made up my mind ahead of time that I would get some meat and some noodles (and not deprive myself of what I love) but then load on the veggies.  AND only go through the line once.  Thankfully I stuck to my plan and that is what happened.  It was great.  I was able to eat what I liked and got to enjoy it- but not feel terrible once I got home that I had just blown a week’s worth of calories in 25 min.  So that was a huge success for me!

Another trick of mine? Remember how I said I love chocolate? Well I do.  Thankfully I have switched over to dark chocolate.  But I will die will struggle if I do not have something small and sweet pretty much every day.  My sweet tooth kicks in once all the kids are down for bed at night.  I just want a little something to enjoy.  And while I have tried to just cut chocolate out completely- that does not work for me.  Then a few days later I find myself standing at the pantry eating handfuls of chocolate chips so I get my fix.  Ridiculous I know.  But that is what happens. So, want to know my secret?  I each chocolate every night before bed!  However, I have a bag of individually wrapped dark chocolate pieces (what my honey bought me for Valentines Day and I’m still working through the bag!) so that the portions are already decided.  I allow myself 1 piece per night or 2 as an occasional (maybe once a week) treat.  This system has worked great so far.  I get to each chocolate every day and I do not feel deprived, but my portions are already decided for me.  It is a win-win situation.

Until next week…. I’ll be busy enjoying my little pieces of dark chocolate, sprints on the treadmill and being diligent to work off these last 11 lbs!