Well kids, today I’m officially in my “late 20’s” … I’d better enjoy 29 while it lasts,  I can not believe I will be 30 next year! I totally remember when my dad turned 30 and that seemed so old!

I thought what better way to celebrate than to let other people enjoy the day as well?  I love birthday parties that give away gifts!!  So my dear and faithful readers- thanks for keeping up with me all these years.  And while I still do not know the purpose of this blog  (mostly my hobby I think), I appreciate you coming back to read my crazy stories, to see yet another blog post with pictures of my cute kids or bearing with my run on sentences. 🙂  I really enjoy when you all leave comments with your follow up thoughts and ideas and when I hear an occational “I love your blog!” — well, that brings a smile to my face. 🙂

I would love for YOU to win a birthday present today!   You have until tonight at midnight to leave a comment on my blog of your favorite birthday memory–  something that you will never forget.  I will randomly draw two names to each win a $5 Target gift card!

I know it is not much- but for sure you can snag a clearance shirt or a cute pair of socks or something!!  If you win, think of me and my “deal of the days” posts or my frugalista personality.  🙂  Stack a few coupons with a sale item and score a sweet deal in my honor!