This is what “1/3 of your house that you don’t unpack from 8 months ago” looks like! 🙂  Actually, that is quite cleaned up from where we started a few weeks back. But in this process of moving to Colorado and living with my parents- we are quite aware that a majority of our stuff still needs to be packed away for quite some time.  But instead of just moving everything again as is – we decided since we had lived 8 months without this stuff and we didn’t even remember what was all in those boxes….  well, we would sort through it all again and see if there were things we could sell to downsize even more.  Scary thing is?  We have narrowed it down to about half of what was originally down there.  Either by packing it more efficientlyr or just selling several things on craigslist, taking bags upon bags to Stuff Ect. and having two large boxes full to go to Salvation Army.  Wow.  And that is just the stuff we had already packed.  I wonder what it is going to look like when I start packing the rest of the house…I mean, I should have started that already- right?  You would think.  But I have not.

However, I DO have piles starting to accumulate all over my house like the one above.  So I’m thinking that is at least a start in the right direction. 🙂

Next on my list?

I have to figure out how to pack our “indoor garage” (since we do not have one here we had to bring it all inside!) – talk about overwhelming! EEK!