I’m no midwife or nurse, but by golly after 3 kids, I think I could take any of them in time and excellence when it comes to swaddling.  I wonder if I could even do it with my eyes closed… 😉  But my kiddos have loved them some swaddling.  With each one we would swaddle them at night and then not during the day so they could get their days and nights figured out.  Belle and Johnny adjusted beautifully.  Worked like a charm.  They figured out their days and nights and we were on a schedule (not necessarily “we eat at 5 each day” but rather “we eat every three hrs” ) kind of schedule.  My little Kade?  He will not have any of it.

Seriously, this kid is an entirely different ballgame.  I have not figured him out.  And while I am in no way complaining, I’m more in awe of the fact that is is 10 weeks old and we still have no schedule. He likes to eat every 1.5-3.5 hrs during the day….depending on if he falls asleep.  And the kid does not- I repeat, DOES NOT like to sleep anywhere –anytime –without being swaddled!  It only took me a six weeks to figure that out. 🙂  Once I tried swaddling him during the day?  Wow, naps went so much better.  I still have no idea how long he will sleep or how often, but if I know he is tired and I wrap him up?  The kid is out like a light.

And while the “no daytime schedule” is frustrating at times when I am trying to plan something, I really don’t mind.  You want to know why?  This kid LOVES to sleep at night!  My first baby who does- but ’tis true!  I wondered if it would really be this way when he was 2 weeks old and slept like 6 hrs straight one night.  I held my breath each night wondering if he was going to snap out of this and start wanting to eat every two or three hrs like his siblings.  But I don’t think so.  The last two nights he has went 8-9 hrs!  I’m completely at a loss for words and can not think of one single thing I have done to try to get him to do this.  He just seems wired this way.  I had no idea babies could do this!  Actually, I did.  I knew of people whose babies started sleeping for longer periods at night with no prompting from them, but figured it would never happen to me. Johnny nursed through the night every two or three hrs until I weened him when he turned 1.  And then it was when he turned 2 years old that he finally started sleeping through the night- so you see how E-X-C-I-T-E-D! I am about this! 🙂

Three cheers for sleep!!