You may remember my Happy Birthday to ME post from last year. I did end up losing those 10 lbs and then another 4 I think.  It was awesome!  I felt healthy, I was eating correct portions, working out several days a week and I was down to my marriage weight…life was good. 🙂  I enjoyed being at that weight for approximately 2 weeks and then I found out I was pregnant with Kade-man! 🙂  Woot!  We had been trying for quite some time so I was thrilled that God had blessed us with baby #3.  But I also found myself struggling with putting the weight back on right after I had worked so hard to get it off.  I’m fairly certain I told Jason at least once a week while I was pregnant that I was SO excited to get back to working out and getting in shape once our kiddo arrived.  In fact, he actually bought me several small hand weights, a medicine ball and a water bottle for my Christmas gift because he knew how excited I was to get going again!  (And let me tell you, I was excited to get them!)

Back in January, I started slowly with trying to just walk on the treadmill a few times a week to get back in the groove.  Let me tell you my friends, working out at home with 3 kids is HARD!! I have wanted to give up more than once.  And while I enjoyed those first 15 ish lbs  of my baby weight just melting off on their own, I came to a grinding halt a few weeks ago and realized this is when the real work begins.  It takes everything I have some days to get on that treadmill in the mornings.  And then get off to work out an argument between my eldest two children.  And then get back on and go another three minutes only to come off again because someone has the nastiest dirty diaper.  *Sight*  I get back on , trudge up another hill and the baby is screaming at this point because he really really really needs a nap.  Do I dare get off again?  Will I come back to finish up my 30 minutes of cardio? YES I DO!  Thankfully!  Although- it is touch and go some days.  I don’t always get up to my 30 minutes- but I keep coming back.  Why?  Because I am bound and determined to get back down to my pre-marriage weight again.  Although I realize getting there by my birthday (GASP!  I will be 29 in 11 days!) is not an attainable goal- it is my goal to keep trucking along and keep those numbers headed in a negative direction.

But some days you just need a little motivation- right?  I do!  Especially when it comes to what I eat.  I have been faithful with the working out part, now I just need to focus on portion sizes and eating snacks that are good for me and give me fuel instead of enjoying my daily Oreos fix every afternoon like I did when I was pregnant. 😉 Oy!

Enter my FREE! birthday present to myself!  (No really, all the junior jeans at Target were clearanced down to $4.98 last week and Target had a $5 off any women’s denim coupon so… I walked out of there with my new goal jeans and a receipt that said 0.00! 🙂 )

Thank you to my wonderful husband for hiding behind the door and holding up the jeans for me! 🙂  You rock babe!

These skinny jeans are my new visual goal- yes, they are actually hanging over my bedroom door so I see them several times a day for motivation to keep on keeping on.  I’ve always secretly wanted to wear skinny jeans since they became “cool” in the last few years. But did not have the confidence that I could pull them off.  And I still lack that confidence.   However, at the smaller size that I purchased them… I think I might just be able to rock a pair. 🙂  We will see.  If I get brave at the end of all of this, I just might post a picture- but that is TBD. 🙂

My timeline in all of this? May 1, 2011.  I have 12.5 lbs left to go.  It might be pushing it since we are moving out of state in there- but I want to have something I am working towards.  I do not intend to beat myself up if I do not quite make it.  But I am excited to have these new jeans waiting for me come May 1!  And while it may not quite be “happy birthday to me!” – I will still be thrilled and happy with “happy summer!” 🙂

How do you stay motivated to eat right and work out?