Never done it.

But I would imagine it would be a similar experience to getting everyone to stand still and take our  Sokoll family picture.  We aim to do this annually, however, it is getting more difficult as we are spread out over 4 states and growing bigger every year!

Somehow between getting out of church, after we wolf down some lunch, but before the babies started melting down for naps… we managed to all get out of there alive and barely still be on speaking terms.

First, there is always the one question we ask every year “Who will take this picture?”  Well, this year our timer on our camera with a chair on top of the kitchen table did quite an exceptional job.

Next question, where will we all stand?

Yep, this is in the “Where will we all stand?” phase.

Thank you to Uncle Ooohnny (John) for providing some much needed comic relief. 🙂

We are getting so… close!!!  Are we done yet???? 😉

472 pictures later… we have a winner!  That is a fine looking family if I do say so myself!

And what would a Sokoll family picture be without some rims? 😉