I remember one day riding in the car when Jason and were dating way back when.  I do not remember what we were talking about at the time, but I remember *nearly* freaking out and asking him what if he didn’t really KNOW me?  He of course was a little confused and I was finally able to explain what I was thinking.

“I’m quirky” I said.

” Like the fact that I’m addicted to chapstick and I hate feet.”

Little things like that.  What if several years down the road he decided he didn’t really know all these things about me and what if he decided he was not a fan?  He would be stuck… then what??? He laughed and said he was ok with my quirks- even the ones he would find out later….

Well, we are 6+ years into this marriage and I would say that he has found out about every one of my quirks… *ahem*- I prefer to call them gifts. 😉  Since deciding to move to Colorado and live with my parents, we’ve known that the room we would be staying in will not accommodate our king size bed.


Deep breath.

Keep breathing.

Yes, I will survive.  But barely.  You see, I love our king size bed.  Mostly because I love the fact that I can sleep with 3+ pillows tucked in all around me each night  (Jason calls it my nest) and I don’t feel bad that he has no room left to sleep. (Totally the case when we have to sleep in a queen bed at his parent’s house.)   This all started when I was pregnant with Johnny and I decided that having all these pillows surrounding me and propping me up here and there was quite comfy.  And I just never got around to letting them go once John Boy was born.  Followed by almost 2 years in there that I was not pregnant… yep, I still had the pillows with me.  Then I got pregnant with Kade and I already had my nest in place.  That kiddo is 2 months old and… well, you guessed it, all those pillows are still in bed with me every night.  And I really really like it.

Which brings me to my conversation with my husband last night as I was whining about the fact that I could not give up my king size bed.  “I don’t need much” I said, “Just my king size bed”.  “And your chapstick”- replied my husband.  Which got me thinking and I went down my list of my needs in order for me to fall asleep each night.  I have never been one of those “I can fall asleep anywhere” people.  It has just never happened.  I’ve always had to be horizontal to sleep.  That means not passing out in a car, no cat nap during the day, no sleeping in planes, ect.  However, as I have aged, things have gotten worse. Way worse.  Here is what needs to happen each night in order for me to eventually (like 45 min later) fall asleep.

-Brush my teeth, take off my make-up and use the restroom

-The lights must be out

-My pillows propped up all around me

-Put on some chapstick

-Turn on my sound machine next to my bed.  Not too loud though- I still have to hear the baby cry 😉

-Turn on the heating pad if my back is tight

-Get a drink

-Pee one more time so I can hopefully go 4 hrs without having to get up – ha!

-One last little drink

-Which means I lost a little chapstick so I better get some more of that because I can not fall asleep with dry lips!

-Kiss my honey goodnight

-Settle in to get all of my pillows propped where they need to be

-Lay  on my side for 45 min *thinking* till my brain shuts off and I can finally go to sleep

I”m exhausted just writing that all down. 😉  That is a ridiculous list.

The only way I can fall asleep right away is watching something on Hulu (episodes of Wipeout seem to do the trick) or hearing my husband read out loud.  For real.  I’m old.  And I didn’t really know I had fallen into such a funk until last night we were talking about it.  Thankfully my honey still appreciates my gifts and tells me if he had to do it all over again, he would still pick me… talk about being a lucky girl! I’m just thankful none of my gifts has driven him crazy yet– which reminds me:

I need to go find some chapstick. 😉