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Last summer, I was wondering if potatoes counted be counted as veggies.  Since then- I have been using them a lot! Not necessarily as a veggie serving, but more as a filler.  I just make sure to serve other fruits and veggies at dinner when we eat them.  And our budget and our tummies are quite happy with this new adjustment. 🙂  And since I’m constantly looking to stretch things here and there or make something more healthy, I have adjusted my old “mashed potatoes are made with butter and sour cream” to now making them with these:

Enter –plain yogurt and pureed cauliflower!  Seriously, you would never know that my mashed potatoes contain these two items.  And I have tested them on several people (outside of my little family) and even had comments on how good they were!  Woot!

Earlier this fall, cauliflower was on sale so I bought several heads.  I steamed them and then put them in the food processor with a little water for a creamy texture.  Then I bagged them (each head made two or three small bags I think) and threw them in the freezer.  Now, when I know mashed potatoes are on the menu for the evening, I just pull a frozen bag of pureed cauliflower out of the freezer and viola!

I cook the potatoes normally until they are soft and ready to be mashed.  I drain off the extra water and ad in a couple of spoonfuls of the plain yogurt and the cauliflower.  Other things I have on hand that I add to taste:

-1 or 2 TBS of butter

-dash of milk or chicken stock (just tried this with the chicken stock and it was good!)

-salt, pepper, parsley and garlic

Even better?  The last time potatoes were on sale and they made it on the menu- I just cooked the entire 5lb bag of potatoes and mashed them and put half of them in the freezer for a later meal.  Bonus!  Gotta love pulling dinner straight out of the freezer. 🙂