I don’t.

Or didn’t.

But maybe do now?

Not sure. 🙂

However, I saw a video a while back about “roasting a grapefruit” to bring out its natural sweetness that made me think twice about my “I don’t like grapefruit” state of mind.    Plus, I always enjoy knowing why I should eat something instead of just knowing I should eat it.  So much more motivating when you realize how much something you are putting in your mouth is benefiting (or not)!  Seriously, you should google “benefits of grapefruit” and start reading…then eating!!

Anyhow, this short video went on to describe a few winter fruits and veggies and how wonderful they are for your body, as well as some creative ideas on how to prepare them.  Broiling or roasting the grapefruit was the example they had and it seemed like an easy enough concept.  Add to that, the fact that they are a great deal at the store right now- well, I just had to try! 🙂

First you cut off the ends of the grapefruit before you put them in your baking dish so they do not roll around.

Then, broil for a few minutes.  I tried mine for about 6 minutes on low and it did not seem done. So I bumped it up to high for another 3 minutes and it turned a darker color and the juices started caramelizing on top.  I took it out at that point.

Here is the finished product.

(And I’m so glad I did not get rid of the grapefruit spoon my mother in law put in my stocking a few years ago! :))

It helped that I was starving when I tried this last week.  (Food always tastes better when you are super hungry!)  I did not have to put any sweeteners on it and I ended up eating both halves.  Not sure it was my favorite thing in the world- but much better than what I had remembered from eating a grapefruit years ago.  I let the kids try it- they were not huge fans. 😉  But we will keep trying.  I think in the future I might try to loosen the fruit in each little section before I broil.  Roasting it brought the juices to the top and it was harder to work around all the compartments.  But overall, I was pleased.  I plan to keep a few more in the house in the future for some low calorie, healthy and quick snacks for myself.

Hello pre-baby weight! 😉