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I’m not sure if it is the impending blizzard or just the fact that it is February and I have two little kids with oodles and gobs of energy with me all day every day.  But I’m running out of ideas of things for them to do.  In fact, we are down to “build with duplos” or “read the library books….again.”  Thankfully I’m learning that the number of books we check out needs to increase during the winter so we have a little more variety. 🙂  I have let Belle and Johnny go out and play in the snow a few times by themselves in the backyard- but those times are few and far between since they are not quite old enough for that yet.  Perhaps next year they will be ready and be able to handle snow in the face without a major meltdown in the backyard. 😉

Anyhow, I happened upon this site today and was inspired with some new ideas for the kids.  I especially liked the dry bean and the “bring the pool” inside ideas.  Belle and Johnny both LOVE their squirt bottles and I never thought to put down a towel or two and let them go to town in the kitchen squirting into some bowls.  Perfect!  I now know what our afternoon is going to look like.  I also intend to try some of that homemade play dough soon- the stuff we have is all dried out and crumbly!

You have any tried and true ideas of how to pass the time indoors with little ones?  Remember anything from when you were a kid?