Belle wanted to color last week so she brought out her supplies.  She had brought an extra piece of paper out with her and asked if I wanted to draw something as well.  I said yes.  However, my drawing skills are not so hot.  I am up to my ears in butterfly and flower pictures that I have done.  I tried to think of something else to color that she would know what I was drawing!  So I decided to expand my/her horizon a bit and try some mountains. 🙂  Not too hard, right?  Well, you can see for yourself:

Clearly if we home school for long, we will need to invest in some art lessons. 😉

Anyway, she was watching me the entire time but did not say much.  I figured she would go onto make her own butterflies and flowers again on her paper.  But the next time I looked over I saw this:

Ha! Who knew the kid can draw? Bonus!

I also had this grand idea that I’m going to keep these pictures until she is about 14.  And some day when she decides to think that her mom is NOT cool and she does NOT want to do things like me… well, I will whip out these pictures and let her know that one day not so long ago… her momma was cool and she wanted to do things just like me! 🙂

(Ps. Did I mention she was drawing a picture for her Poppi who was coming to visit?  That was her own little addition!)