I’m super excited to post this recipe for homemade chapstick.  I actually made them in early December and had several as gifts for my mom and sisters/in law for Christmas.  But since we did not celebrate Christmas until mid Jan (explains the lack of posts for the last 2 weeks!) I could not write about it or the surprise would have been ruined.  I think overall they were a hit.  My dad (a total chapstick guy) was sad that I forgot to bring him one… I could not believe I overlooked that fact!  My mom was kind enough to share hers with him… not sure she is ready for all natural yet. 😉

I had found this recipe a while ago and wanted to give it a try.  It appealed to me that it was only 3 ingredients. I already had the coconut oil on hand.  I purchased my beeswax from the co-op as I could just buy a little scoop to start with to see if I liked the finished product.  And then I waited patiently and bid on ebay for some organic shea butter.  I was not willing to pay the price at the co-op for the amount I would receive – again because I was not sure I was going to love the end result.  However, Lindsay from Passionate Homemaking has several other natural recipes on her site that use shea butter (hard lotion bars, aftershave and diaper rash cream) that all use some shea butter so I figured I would put it to use in the near future.

Anyhow, back to my chapstick. 🙂  Here is the recipe.


2 Tablespoons beeswax (about 1 oz)
2 Tablespoons coconut oil
2 Tablespoons shea butter
12 lip balm containers (I only had 7 so I poured the remaining mixture into an ice cube tray to try the hard lotion bars)

I created a double broiler on my stove top with one of my pans (one that I use for cooking so I did not want the beeswax to be melted all over it… especially since we do not have a dishwasher, I was not sure how I would get it clean) and put the three ingredients in over low/medium heat.

They did not take long to melt.  Then I used my dropper to fill my chapstick containers (my friend Rach ordered a bunch of empty containers on ebay and I purchased a few from her).  I let the chapsticks sit a bit as they shrink a little  once they cool down, then added a few more drops.  With the remaining mixture I made two hard lotion bars.  Here is my finished product for about 10-15 minutes of work (most of that was just waiting for everything to melt together).

Overall, I was pretty happy with the end result.  In the original recipe, she mentions that hers smelled like honey so I did not add any essential oils.  Not sure if my shea butter measurement was off or what- but mine did NOT smell like honey.  They smelled like shea butter.  Which is a scent one must get used to. 🙂  But they do a good job of moisturizing my lips… which was my goal.  Next time I plan to use a little less shea butter and add a few drops of my tangerine essential oil.

As for the hard lotion bar- I’m happy with the way it moisturizes my skin.  But it does take some getting used to.  And I have to wipe off the inside of my hands once I’m done using it because they feel too greasy for me.  But since my regular bottle of lotion still has a bit left in it- I have not been faithfully using my hard lotion bars.  Once that bottle of store bought lotion is gone though, I plan to make another batch or two of this and turn it all into lotion bars and use them regularly.  AND- I am going to try an experiment on my hubby (he just does not know it yet!).  He gets T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E dry skin in the winter.  Like really bad.  Huge red itchy spots.  And up to this point I usually buy a bottle of $9 lotion at the store to try to help his skin.  It helps with the itching, but has not healed his dry spots.  So I’m hoping (with his permission of course :)) to try an experiment with these lotion bars if we faithfully use them over a few weeks to see if that helps with what store bought lotion could not.  We will see.  Stay tuned for that in the near future!

In the meantime- dry, chapped lips?  You should make some chapstick! 🙂