We have had many people tell us the Kade is most definitely a Rohlf baby.  But they are not sure why or who he looks like.  It is about an even split with people saying he looks like Belle or Johnny.  Sometimes I see both of them, other times I see my brother John.  Someone said maybe even Aza? Anyway, Jason and I had fun looking through old pictures last night to see similarities of our babies.  My goodness they grow up so fast… and yes, they are all Rohlf babies!




I personally see that they all have the same nose and Belle and Kade have the same big, bright eye shape (I guess you can’t see it so much in these pictures… but in real life anyway) But then John Boy and Kade Man both have that “little man” look.  So I guess if you put Jason and I in a blender 3 different times you get 3 different kids that all look the same. 😉

What do you think?  Who do you see?  Is there any luck that one of my kids will turn out looking like me?  Not that I mind that they look like their fine lookin’ daddy though!