Ha!  Wish I knew the answer to that.  It would have helped last week when my 2 year old battled that flu bug for more than 5 days.

It was a rough go of it- the little man was down and out.  Laying on the floor, sleeping on and off and on day 3- he hardly had the strength to walk.  I’m not sure who it was harder on.   There is nothing like watching  your weak child cry telling you  that he is hungry and trying every imaginable “soft and bland” food out there only to watch him give it back 30 min later.  We had several times that we thought he was getting better, a little energy here and there or him able to keep food down for 2 hrs instead of 30 min.  But no such luck.  We were in conversation with our doctor, nurse and doctor on call at the ER several times making sure that we were doing the right things.  Honestly if it was up to Jason and I, I think we would have taken him to the ER.  But because they kept assuring us that as long as he was not vomiting on water alone and still having at least 1 wet diaper every 8 hrs… the best thing to do was to wait it out.  So wait we did.  But wow… that was a long 5 days.   Some I hope never to have to repeat.

We did try something new on Saturday evening.  Not sure if it was the cure all or not.  Maybe he was just at the tail end of his stomach bug.  But, I do know that if we ever find ourselves in this situation again of going on days without someone being able to keep anything down, I plan to try it again.  Want to know what we did?  Well, let me tell you!

Yep, that is it my friends.  Coke.  My mom mentioned to me that our childhood chiropractor recommended it to my parents when 2 of my sisters had the flu for days on end.  Apparently, if you let some coke go flat (very important otherwise the fizz will just upset a tummy even more)  you are left with a syrup that will coat the stomach and kill the bacteria there.  And while I know coke has caffeine and HFCS and I have never given it to my son before- we were getting desperate for something to work.  We really did not want to have to take him to the ER.  So we gave it a try (he really only had about 10 or 15 sips total- we just poured it in a cup to get it flat faster) on Saturday evening and woke him up a few times during the night on Saturday night so it would have a chance to get in his stomach while there was no other food.  Guess what?  The kid ate breakfast on Sunday AND lunch AND dinner with no vomit!  WOOT!  Again, not sure if it was the coke or not, but I’m definitely keeping this one in my bag of tricks for next time!

Also an FYI-  I just read this morning in Prevention Magazine that kids and adults who consumed a tsp of honey on the days they had the stomach bug had 40% less vomiting and recovered a day faster than the people who just “waited it out with clear liquids”.  Might be worth a shot next time- plus this plan has no HFCS! 🙂