Sorry for all the baby talk around here… just where I am in life right now. 🙂

I’ve thought this for years- but finally decided to say something about it.  *Ahem*

WHO in their right mind decided that size newborn diapers are good until the baby is 10lbs?  For the love!

I’m on my 3rd child now so I have some experience with newborn diapers and lets just say…. I do not think a parent labeled these diapers.  But what gets me –is that all brands say that!  What is the definition of “fitting?”  That the velcro still wraps around their little bodies?  Ok, maybe.  But my definition of a diaper is that it catches, contains and holds all that comes out.  Yep, pretty sure my little guy is not yet 7lbs yet and we are already in size 1 diapers.  After a 24 hr period and him wetting through all of his layers twice and blowing up the back… well, that my friends is my sign to move on up to the next size.  Either that, or I can do laundry every day.  I decided to get some new diapers. 🙂

Have I mentioned only a handful of times have we had any leaking problems with our cloth diapers?  In 2.5 years… I’m extremely happy with them.   BTW- this is what we use.

However, since we still use disposable for Kade all the time and 1 disposable per night with Johnny, I still like to see if I can snag a deal on diapers.  Usually that just means buying the Walmart brand diapers.  Which I might add- are $.19 per diaper for size 4.  However, in the few deal finding blogs that I read, I kept hearing about Amazon Mom.  Have you heard of this?  I signed up for the free trial for a few months but did not get much use out of it.  UNTIL… my friend Rach gave me a heads up on the price of diapers!  Woot!  You should totally sign up.

Once you sign up, go ahead a do a search for Luvs size 4 diapers.  Comes up with a large box of them at $.19 per diaper.  Same price as Walmart- but I like these diapers so much better!  Go ahead and click on it and there will be a box that reads:

“Save an extra 30% with Subscribe & Save and Amazon Mom: Get the standard 15% discount when you sign up for Subscribe & Save delivery. Combine that with an additional 15% savings exclusively for Amazon Mom members on select diapers and wipes, and this item’s current price drops to $24.50 ($0.14 / count) . Not an Amazon Mom member? Join now. Subscribe & Save shipping is always free. No fees, no risks, no obligations. See details”

Did you catch that?  You can get these diapers shipped to your door for FREE at $.14 per diaper!  You better believe that I’m all over that! 🙂  The only catch (that takes about 30 seconds to do) is to make sure you cancel your subscription after your order arrives so that they do not regularly send you diapers.  Unless, of course, you want them to.   I first ordered my box of size 4 diapers in early November- we are still working through that box.  But then I got an email saying that my membership to Amazon Mom was going to expire in December so I decided to try to order another box of size 4 diapers and see if I could get the same price again.  It worked!  They arrived at my door just 2 days later!  Once I received them, I just canceled my subscription and I was good to go. On their site they say that any care givers can sign up, so once my free membership expires (my understanding is that they extend it a month for every $25 you spend) I’m planning to sign up my hubby so we can keep getting these diapers!

Just a thought- I would price out your diapers of choice first at the store.  When I went to order newborn diapers they were not any cheaper than the walmart brand- but the size 1 diapers (I’m talking about Luvs brand) were actually a better deal online.  Anyway… figure out the best deal for you before you place your order!  But we have been happily using our cheaper diapers around here.  Thanks Amazon Mom!