Or at least I’m getting there.  I actually forgot that I had purchased them six months ago and just found them in the drawer this morning. 🙂  But the frugalista in me was quite excited at my purchase because my little “poopin’ machine” (what the nurse in the hospital called him! ha!) has us going through wipes like it is nobody’s business.

It has been 2.5 years since we started cloth diapering and I can hardly believe that I’ve made it this long! 🙂  There have been days and sometimes weeks that I have wanted to quit, but just knowing those diapers are sitting in the drawer and that I would have to go pay money to buy disposables… well, I’ve kept at it.  We’ve taken a break here and there (specifically when I had morning sickness) but overall, we are pretty faithful using our cloth diapers.  However, I’ve always drawn the line at cloth wipes.  I mean, rinsing out a cloth diaper in the toilet is enough of a feet for me, I can not imagine holding a tiny piece of fabric that is covered from corner to corner (at least with diapers there is usually some space that is clear) and trying to rinse that off.  Nope, I just won’ t do it.


I realized this last summer that the first six months (or until we start giving Kade solid food) I don’t have to rinse the cloth diapers.  They are really just like yogurt- so popping them in the washer without rinsing them is no biggie.  I saw that someone (turned out to be the friend who introduced me to cloth diapering!) had some great cloth wipes on Craigslist and she gave me a deal!  Considering that a box of wipes is somewhere in the neighborhood of $7-$10 for Walmart brand- I figure I will save myself some dough over the next six months. My plan is to just wet those cloth wipes down with a bit of water, wipe away and toss in the diaper pail with no rinsing.  Viola!  (Well, I’m hoping it is viola! – I actually have not tried it yet- he has only been wet today so far! 🙂 )

Here is my set up for Kade’s diaper changing station (he is in disposable diapers for now until he gets to be about 10lbs- John Boy is still using the cloth).

Notice the purple water bottle?  The cloth wipes are stacked on top of the diapers next to the wall.  Here is a close up:

And here is our diaper pail (for the cloth diapers and cloth wipes), trash can (for disposable diapers and regular wipes), large bag of baking soda (for keeping odors at bay) and my blue spray bottle (with water and tea tree oil that I spray in the cans and in the liners to neutralize odors).

I know, it looks like a lot.  I admit I was a little overwhelmed… at first.  But really once you get into a groove and get things set up for what works best for your family… well, we are like a well oiled machine over here.  Ok, maybe not quite yet with two in diapers.  I think Johnny went a good 5 hrs the first day home without a diaper change because the thought never crossed my mind to change him! 🙂  Thankfully that was only day 1 and we are now on day 9 at home and it hasn’t happened again. Whew!

So let me recap:

Johnny – using the cloth diapers with disposable wipes until Kade is about 2 mo old/ my goal is to try potting training him again in April

Kade – using disposable diapers with cloth wipes until he he is two months old, then we will put him in the cloth diapers with the cloth wipes and toss everything into the diaper pail- no more rinsing dirty diapers for me for a while! Woot!

at that point we will switch Johnny over to the disposable diapers with disposable wipes until he is potty trained- did I mention I’m excited to not rinse any messy diapers for a few months!?! 🙂 AND did I mention I would like to get this kid potty trained?  I told him shortly after we came home from the hospital: “Kade will need the diapers now” – his reply: “Nope, we can just share.” 🙂 Wow.

Leah- changing diapers… a lot!  I think I need to make a chart for all of this 🙂