I must say, I’m in love.  Yes with a lil’ 6lb 9oz bundle of joy.  But I’m also in love with my mei tai.  When Belle was a baby I had a Baby Bjorn carrier that I had purchased from a garage sale.  Call me crazy, but I did not love the thing at all.  In fact, I hardly ever put her in there even when she was fussy.  I just never thought of it.  Then once Johnny was born I had the same Bjorn carrier that again sat unused in the closet.  But when he was around 4 months old we decided I would do part time daycare for another baby girl and I realized I needed to come up with a baby carrier that I would enjoy so I could have my hands free.  With two babies 4 months and 2 months old- I knew it was time to make a decision.  My friend Sarah had been using a mei tai with her daughter and loved it.   I really liked the idea of having the kiddo right next to you without fabric between the mom and baby.  Plus with the mei tai you could wear them on your front, back and side.  Seemed like many options with just a small amount of fabric.  I was excited and nervous at the same time when I ordered mine on ebay.  I think it was around $30 and I got extra padding on the shoulders (a must!) and my life has never been the same.  John Boy loved riding in that thing!  Especially once he was old enough to ride on my back- the kid lived back there.  We used it around the house, when we went to Walmart, grocery shopping and garage saling.  Complete awesomeness.

Now, enter my little Kade.  I think the first 48 hrs of his life he was “starving!” until my milk came in.  If he was not being fed, he was quite fussy.  It started in the hospital and I was pretty worried that this baby was going to be my fussy one.  Actually, all three of them have had a fussy period for a while- which I know is normal.  Anyhow, we got home from the hospital and started the week and last Monday was pretty stressful for me.  Finally I think it was Tuesday that I decided to try him out in the mei tai (had not yet since I thought he might be too little) but viola!  He loved it!  Instantly he was calm.  We walked around the house and he just rested quietly next to me.  Several times this week (in fact I will not leave the house without it) when he gets fussy I pop him in the carrier and we are off.  Sometimes he falls asleep, other times he just sits there with his eyes open looking around and resting next to me.  Seriously, this thing is the best.  I really want to start making them for friends and family so I can hand them out like candy. 🙂  We will see if my ideas actually come to fruition though!  Until that time, I’m enjoying views and snuggles like this. 🙂