I had the heartburn to prove that this kiddo (and the first two) were going to come out with a complete head of hair.

And I was not disappointed!

Check out that head of hair!  Notice in the back- it is “flowing” (as his father kindly commented) over the blanket.  Yep, pretty sure my son was not going to go another day in his short life with a mullet.  Not while his momma had anything to say about it anyway.  With much trepidation and with the help of his Aunt Amy, we took care of that mullet.

About 10 min later I realized, why not just get the clippers and do a once over to cut his “old man hair” (as we affectionately have been calling it) -not much on top- but very blessed around the sides and back!

An hr later, with even more trepidation than the first time and wishing that his Aunt E did not live 45 states away… we pulled out the clippers and gave this guy his first real hair cut at 4 days old!

It took 3 adults, but we managed to get the hair cut finished and Kade did a great job.  He fell asleep half way through and slept until the end. I kid you not, he needed a trim.  Check out the sink when we were finished.

Isn’t the little man handsome? 🙂  We voted and now think he looks just like his Uncle John. 🙂