Maybe I’ve seen too many movies….

or commercials…..

But it seems as though “the phone call” is usually the way the wife informs her husband that she is in labor.  However, that has not been the case so far with me.  Both of my labors have been oddly the same.  With Belle my water broke at 10pm at night and with Johnny my contractions started at 10pm.  Each time Jason was at home with me and we really were not expecting anything to happen.  And with both kids I labored all night long and had them first thing in the morning.  Belle was born at 8:04am and Johnny was at 7:23am.  AND to top it off- I was in the same labor and delivery room at the hospital with the SAME nurse.  Weird, right?  I think so.

So on one hand all I can think about is laboring all night long and having Rocky first thing in the am.  I might as well just walk right into the room in the labor and delivery ward- right? 🙂  However, this time some things are different.  Most of all, the braxton hicks contractions.  I had them regularly with both Belle and Johnny, but this time around they are painful.  Like “take my breath away” painful at times.  I’ve been reading many natural labor books with this pregnancy and I’ve found that “they” (ha! who are they?!?) say there is no such thing as false labor, just early labor.   Well kids, I feel like I’ve been in early labor for over a month now.  And apparently so does my husband. 🙂  I didn’t even think about him during all of this time until one day he said “I feel like you’ve been in labor for a long time now!” Oops. 🙂  I don’t think he is walking on pins and needles quiet yet to get the call… or maybe just a text.  But I do find it amusing how we were both feeling the same way- that this labor started weeks ago and still we could still have weeks (or maybe days???) till the finish line.

Now we are just praying for a daytime labor and delivery!!  Come on Rocky- your momma is ready to hold you!