I was in the middle of cleaning the house, paying bills, ordering stamps and addressing baby announcement envelopes.  That is when I hear the question from above.  I looked up from all of my business to see two children eagerly leaning over the back of the couch to see *all* of the snowflakes falling to the ground outside.  Seriously, it was the second lightest dusting of snow I’ve ever seen. 🙂  I checked weather.com and it did not even say flurries outside so I knew it couldn’t last long.  It was getting close to lunch time, the vacuum was still sitting in the middle of the living room and gathering all of the snow gear and getting everybody out the door seemed like a daunting task.  Thankfully my mind was thinking one way and my mouth said “Sure, lets get snowpants on and go outside.”  You would have thought it was Christmas!  I knew there would not be enough snow to do anything with, but I also remember being a kid and getting SO excited to go outside and build forts and snowmen.  Needless to say, they had a blast!  We were only outside for a little over a half an hour, but I think the excitement made their morning.  And low and behold I knew where all the snow gear was so getting everybody ready was really a bigger battle in my mind than actually getting the job done.  I know I’m looking forward to using the snow this year as a giant sand box (my kids LOVED the sand box this year) and hoping it provides hours, days, weeks and maybe months of free entertainment!


Ps.  I even staged the picture on the whitest part of the yard. Every other part of the yard was still mostly green. 🙂