I am beyond blessed.

I feel as though this is my first baby and I am getting shower gifts all over again.  Remember my super swank nursing cover my friend Jess mailed to me???  I was blown away and so thankful for her thoughtfulness.

And now remember my dilemma about my bargain/stylish/but not very practical mustard colored tote that would double as a diaper bag? Yeah me too.  I drove around with it in the back of my van for days trying to figure out what I was going to do with it.  One day I would be convinced that I was going to keep it.  Another day I was like “WO-man! What are you even thinking!”

I did end up returning it.  I received a text from my sister Amy that said “Return yellow purse to Target, don’t ask questions…”  So right away I text her back peppering her with questions. 🙂  Which she did not answer except for “Trust me”.  Oh my!  So I did.  I returned the purse and have eyeballed about 6 others in different stores since then that were mustard totes.

Amy arrived into town last night after midnight to visit for a few days.  I had forgot that she had even told me to return the purse.  But 7:04 this morning she trots up the steps with this B-E-A-U-T-Y! 🙂


Amy went to New York City a few weeks back to visit our friend Becky and they went shopping together to find me the perfect tote!  They purchased this just for me!  I am so blessed!  This tote really is the ultimate and perfect purse/diaper bag for me.  It has tons of little pockets and zippers on the inside AND it has a middle divider so I can have half for my stuff and half for Rocky’s things- perfect!  AND- did you notice the handles?  Perfect size!  I am totally in love. 🙂  Now I’m just hoping my post baby jeans and t-shirts are cool enough to rock with my new nursing cover and diaper bag. 🙂

Thank you Becky and Amy!!!  I totally want to organize it and start using it right away, but I think this might be my “get this baby out and THEN you get a cute purse” motivation! 🙂