You may remember my near panic attack this summer.  Rocky did not have a real name.  (Yes, I’m still laughing at the fact that some people thought Rocky WAS his real name!) But no, it is not. We nickname all our babies in utero.  After I wrote that post I felt as though I had released my feelings and the funny thing was, I didn’t really think of the babies name until quite a few weeks later.  Weird.

Anyhow, once I started thinking about names again, I just kept going back to the name that we orginally had thought of for this little guy.  You know, the one my husband really really likes.  And the one that I liked, but was getting cold feet about?  I tried time after time after time to convince myself that I could name the baby something else.  I would even talk to the baby with other names, but it just did not work.  I kept referring to the little man by that original name.  Jason has take to calling him it on a regular basis…. I’m convinced he is going to slip to someone.  But he thinks it is under control. 🙂

I realized once it crossed my mind a week or two ago to get Rocky’s stocking embroidered, that his name is officially offical in my head.  Once I get that stocking finished, there will be no turning back.  And since there was no hesitation in my head of what would be on that stocking, I’d say Rocky has a name!  Woot!

Come on little man!  You can come early so we can hang our stocking and enjoy it before Christmas!!