I am really not a cook book kinda girl.  I’m guessing because I move so much I decide they are not worth packing up, moving and then unpacking later on.  I have some favorite recipes from my childhood that I printed out in a book.  And I have a file folder in Microsoft Word for my finds, oh and I guess I have a special bookmark in Firefox just for “recipes to try”- so maybe I’m an electronic cookbook kinda girl. 😉  However, I saw a Rachael Ray episode back in the day and I think they were highlighting the cookbook Deceptively Delicious.  I was glued to the tv!  Super excited!  That is right up my alley.  But then I was reading reviews and so many people were upset that moms would be teaching their kids to not eat their veggies by hiding them in their food.

Good point.

But I still was intrigued.  In the back of my mind it has been the one cookbook I would not mind owning.  Purely for the fact that you could make normal food a little healthier by adding more veggies to your diet.  And who doesn’t want/need that?

Imagine my surprise and delight when I came home a few weeks ago to a package inside my front door.  It was from my parents.  I opened it up and it had a few treats for the kids and then a treat for this momma!!

No way!  For real?  I had not even told my mom about this book.  But she saw it and knew that we were eating healthier around here the past few years and thought I might like it.  Woot!  Now, I’m all about continuing to serve veggies at lunch and dinner, but if I can sneak some califlower into some mashed potatoes and no one knows it but me?  You better believe I’m going to be all over that!  I served them last night and no one knew the difference- even I was imprressed!  Tonight’s menu?  Homemade chicken nuggets and mozarella sticks with broccoli and califlower!  I’m so excited to give them a try- especially since I will be serving another veggie and a fruit with dinner- I think that makes for a balanced meal. 🙂

Here are the spinach brownies I tried last week.

I must say I was pretty sceptical that these would work.  And by the smell of the house when they were baking (all I could think of was horse food… 🙂 ) I was really not wanting to take a bite.  But I let them completely cool and dug in.  Now my prego sweet tooth was hoping for a Pillsbury brownie kind of taste… yep, didn’t quite hit the spot.  But then I told myself “think of these as a healthier option for that sweet tooth” – and viola! My family managed to eat that entire pan of brownies.  They even knew what was in these brownies and they were still a fan.  Glad they trust me!

Anyhow, I’m having a  good time finding some new receipes and trying new experiments.  And while the pureeing can take a bit of time (she recommends doing it all at once at the beginning of the week) I have decided for now I am ok working on 1 or 2 veggies at a time to work into the next couple of dinners.  If I really jump on the bandwagon I might just start pureeing veggies for the entire week… but we are still testing things out around here. 🙂  Overall though- so thankful to have had the opportunity to try it! Thanks mom and dad!