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We purchased our van almost 2 years ago at an auction over the internet.  We had not seen it or taken it for a drive before we handed over the cash to purchase it.  We just had a list of “must haves” and this van ended up being in our budget and had our list of what we were looking for.  We did not have remote entry on our list- but much to my delight our van came with this feature.  I knew it was a blessing and a curse at the same time.  Once I got used to the feature (I used it all the time now since I can push a button in the house and it opens the van door so the kids can to run out to the van and start getting buckled while I am still on my way out the door) I knew it would be a hard habit to kill.  But I knew in the back of my head  it was just another thing “that could break” that I knew would probably not end up in our budget to fix some day.

Well, that day was last month when the key started to not work on a regular basis.  And seeing as how we are saving like crazy for baby Rocky these days I knew that a new $180.00 remote key would not be making it into the budget.

But just in case… I decided to stop by the dealer and have them look at the key to see if it was something they could fix.   I figured it had a battery in it somewhere, but for the life of me I could not figure out how to get to it.  We walked into the shop and the guy got out the little machine and said the battery was fine.  So then he tried another machine and said “Well, maybe the battery is a little weak.”  He went in the back and got a new battery and tried testing it again against the first machine.  Well, nothing was happening.  He went back and got his co-worker and told him what was going on and the 2nd guy said “It is probably the transmitter on the key- looks like you just need a new key…. which is $180.00.”  Slightly defeated I sighed and said something to the effect that I would not be buying a new key.  But then the 2nd guy said, “Hey, I think that machine you were trying the battery strength against has timed out… turn it back on and try it again.”  The first guy looked shocked and embarrased but then flipped on the machine and tried pushing buttons all over the key again.  At once I heard our van panick alarm going off and I could not stop the huge smile that found its way to my face!  Woo hoo!

We checked out up at the register for the new batter and they guy said “Well, instead of $180.00, your total is $3.48… that is almost like winning the lottery!” 🙂  I couldn’t have agreed more!  I paid for my new battery and walked outside with the kids to find the van with the sliding doors open already waiting for us.  I tried the key once more in the parking lot to make sure and it worked.  Both doors opened and I could lock and unlock the van with a push of a button!  I cheered and the kids (not really knowing why mom was cheering) started yelling too! Fairly certain some people were staring at us once we pulled out of the drive.  But I did not care- I was so… thankful to have my van key in working order again!  Here’s to hoping this battery lasts us for years to come!