I have mentioned before that my husband loves fire.  I do too.  And up till this fall, this has been our thing we do together.  Fires became few and far between once our kids started getting a little older and it was harder for us to sneak away and build a fire outside together.  However, remember the steps my husband built a few months ago?  Well, he did not nearly use the truckload of wood that was delivered to our house.  So between cutting up several of those boards and living in a home with mature trees, we’ve had plenty of firewood to burn around here.  We decided this was an excellent time to include the kids in one of our favorite pastimes and it has become a something that we all look forward to.

After we moved in and we went to have our first fire with  hot apple cider- I realized that we had packed away our cast iron skillet and had no idea where it was.  I was totally bummed out, but then remembered that when I spent hrs cleaning the kitchen the first day that we moved in, I had found a cast iron skillet under the oven! Bonus!  That night (and several times after) we’ve had hot apple cider and occasionally we’ve even toasted up some smores a few times as well.  Other times we just hang outside as a family all surrounding the fire pit.

Here are both kids enjoying the hot warm apple cider.

This particuar night we were all quiet (which never happens with my two little talkers!) just sitting there staring at the fire.  Particularly touched, I decided to ask my daughter what her favorite part of having fires together as a family meant to her.  I imagined her saying “time with mommy and daddy” or “relaxing together.” (ok maybe not what her exact words would be, but I was looking for a concept)  Her response?  “Marshmallows and cider!”  Hmm…  well, one day I hope it will mean more to her than the treats.  For now though, it is fun to say “Hey kids, wanna build a fire tonight?”  And see them dash off to get ready and start collecting sticks and dry leaves to help dad get it started.  Well, that and the question that always immediately follows, “Do we get to eat or drink anything?” 🙂