My nesting has taken on different forms with each pregnancy.  But all three have had similarities as well since we moved to a new house each time I was pregnant. So getting settled and unpacking has always been a part of the process for me.  Either way, whatever project I set my mind to seems to happen at a whirlwind pace.  Two or three weekends ago I really wanted the bedrooms to be ready for the little mans’ arrival so we arranged the house, set up the crib and unpacked the baby clothes.  I am finally feeling like things are coming together.

Except for one thing.  Last spring I inherited a very nice sewing machine from Jason’s grandmother when she passed away.  I knew it was in great condition (from what everybody else told me), but with morning sickness for 5 months and then moving I had not the time or the energy to figure the thing out.  In fact I did not even take the cover off of it – my mother in law did a few weeks ago!  However a while back, I had gotten it in my head that I really really really want to sew a few things for Rocky’s arrival.  Great idea, but hard to do if you have never even taken off the cover of the sewing machine. 🙂  My mother in law graciously offered to take the machine back to her house and figure it all out and then bring it back and give me a lesson. I jumped on her offer and have been so excited to get it back.   They visited this last weekend and brought the machine (I now know it is a Singer) and we were able to get a 30 min lesson in of how everything works.

I decided my first project was going to be accessorizing some of our burp cloths.  Both of my kids were super spitty and needed burp cloths until they were about 8 months old.  Seeing as how we are having another boy this time around- I had  finally settled in my head that I was ok with the fact that cute socks and hair bows are out of the picture. 🙂  I decided sprucing up some of our old burp cloths was just the ticket for me.  As well as the idea (inspired by a garage sale purchase) seemed easy and doable for a first timer like me. (I just remembered that a few years ago I made my sister in law a nursing cover and 3 blankies for my niece but that was on an older machine that I no longer have.  And I have not sewed a thing since then so that is why this is feeling so “new” again.  Not that I was all that talented that time around. 🙂 )

Here are our old burp cloths.  Just bought a package of 12 cloth diapers when Belle was born from Target and these babies have worked like a charm!

However, this is the new and improved version- so much cuter- right? I mean.. *ahem*…handsome. 🙂

Granted this little project this morning  took me a good half an hour to cut the fabric, sew around the edges to create a hem and then attach it onto the burp rag.   A little long I know, but it was my first one and I’m hoping now that I have one under my belt I will get faster.  Then I will be onto my other projects that I have already purchased fabric for… princess fabric shoes for Belle for her birthday, a large swaddle blanket and handles for the kids that I can attach on grocery carts for them to walk along side when we shop.  All of that in the next 2 months?  Think I can get it done?  You betcha… I’m nesting- remember? 🙂