But it is so… cute!  And it was a great deal!  Someone help me!

I ordered a few totes from Target last week (mostly because I had to get over a certain dollar amount for the free shipping) but this is the one with which I have fallen in love.

Isn’t it cute?

I opened it up last night and it is the perfect idea/size of what I think I would need for a purse AND a diaper bag.  The big only problem?  Look at the size of the handles!  I tried it on last night and it did not make it up to the top of my shoulder.  Which therefore means it will be another thing that I am carrying.  Not very hands free/momma friendly.  But oh so adorable!  My most favorite part?  The color- mustard!

Right now not having hands free does not seem to be that big of deal.  In fact the other day I walked to the library with my kids and all I brought was my house key, library card and water bottle.  The kids can drink out of the drinking fountain, they had already had snacks and everyone was freshly pottied/diaper changed.  It was amazing.  I could not believe the fact that I was only carrying a water bottle!  But I do realize this will change in a few short months.  Car seats, blankets, extra diapers, hats, gloves, trudging through snow with 3 little ones???  Is it realistic to think that my little handled tote will be just as uber cute then as well?

I’m not sure.

Part of me thinks that I will just need to adjust to carrying it in my hands… but then part of me is screaming “Return that thing YESTERDAY! and keep looking for another deal!”  But what if I can’t find another deal?  What if I end up with another green, brown or black purse and my dreams of a mustard tote are shattered?  So people, I’m asking for your opinion.  Am I nuts to keep this thing?  I asked my husband last night and he looked at me like a deer in headlights. 🙂  Then I realized I need some woman to woman advice.  Remember how cute it is? Just making sure!  And it was 1/2 off the orginal price… keep that in mind as well. 🙂

Ok, for real.  Let me know what you think.  Just be gentle. 🙂